Finding Affordable Help for Your Business

This post is for all you small business owners. It should help you learn to find employees for free, find a freelancer, and work with your unemployed friends and family to get affordable help for your small business. As a budding entrepreneur, I have been challenged to find help for critical roles in my business. My husband and I run a manufacturing business and have had to discover different ways to find additional employees, while our profit catches up to our … [Read more...]

Fun, Frugal, Family & Friends Outings

Once again, I have a few tips to share on how my frugal fetish has helped to put the word quality into quality time. About two years during tax season, I decided to add up all of my receipts in my entertainment spending Pendaflex folder. Much to my surprise and horror, I was spending like a Manhattan socialite without the Wall Street income. This is when the frugal patrol said "No More!" and "Yes We Can!" still have a social life but for less money. So I started … [Read more...]