Are Your Finances a Barrier to The Dream?

Sometimes, in a quiet moment, you let it run wild. I’m talking about “The Dream.” The Dream of a different, more fulfilling life that normally stays buried deep within your subconscious mind. Maybe it’s just a vague notion or perhaps you have a good deal of detail attached to your dream—where you’d live, what you’d do, how you would feel. Regardless of clarity, far too often people either dismiss these ideas as unrealistic, or simply decide to postpone their pursuit of The Dream until a time when it will make more sense. Wait a minute—these ideas aren’t simply a pipe dream; they’re very real and they’re incredibly important.

The Dream comes from a set of traveling directions, sometimes referred to as a calling, that live in your subconscious mind. When you learn to pay attention to these traveling directions, and when you surrender to your calling, you will lead a life of meaning, purpose, and passion! The Dream is trying to convince your conscious mind to get off your backside and get going. The Dream is telling you to get started living the life you know, at a subconscious level, you want to live.

Unfortunately, many times competing ideas intervene to stop The Dream. When this happens, our conscious mind vigorously shoves The Dream back into the recesses of our subconscious. “I can’t do that, I’ve got a mortgage, bills to pay, kids to put through school.” And poof! The Dream, along with the excitement it created, is gone, and you’re off to the same old life you’ve been living.

You’ve been thinking about The Dream off and on for a while now. So, here’s a very important question for you to ponder: If not now, when will you begin to do the things you know you want to do with your life? I want to encourage you to start today. Begin now, this very moment, to take the steps necessary to get yourself in a position so that you can remove the barriers standing in the way of your pursuit of The Dream. Do what you need to do so that you can say “yes” to your calling.

One of the things you may need to do is manage your finances in a manner that will give you the ability to pursue The Dream. Of course, life is a journey, and if you commit yourself to pursuing The Dream, and you begin to move in that direction today, you’re taking the first steps on a life journey that will bring you many wonderful rewards. Managing your money for your money’s sake is a useless endeavor. However, good personal financial management makes a great deal of sense if it brings you closer to living the life of passion and fulfillment that you were meant to live.

Go ahead, let The Dream inform your life direction. Let it run wild. Pursue it wholeheartedly. Head out vigorously in pursuit of an exciting life of passion by getting your financial house in order so that you can remove this barrier if it’s standing between you and a truly joyful life journey. Carpe Diem!

This has been a guest post from Dr. Paul Dyer. Author, teacher, coach, and consultant, Dr. Dyer has worked with thousands of people as they’ve sought to clarify their values, change their behavior and reach their goals. Visit his site and utilize one of his free personal development tools.

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Last Edited: July 24, 2017 @ 1:05 pm


  1. Yup, dreams sometimes cost money. Taking care of the financial part frees time and energy that can be spent on better things. Great post!

  2. Aury (Thunderdrake) says:

    One of my biggest dreams is not just to become financially independent from my expenses. I have a bigger drive. To become a reputable writer in this world.

    That’s one thing I can be thankful for. A dream that does not thankfully require a material benchmark.

  3. Brenda Anthony says:

    Great article. It’s very true that often times the things we become accustomed…travel, material belongings, perceived status and certainly perceived security that can accompany $ become a HUGE obstacle for many in pursuing their calling. Fear of this type of loss is a strong motivator to compromise our dreams.

  4. Good, sound, thought provoking advise.

  5. Toni Beeson says:

    Toni Beeson May 30 at 4:19pm There is alot of insight in this post. It is true that we need to have our finances inorder to truely be able to pursue our life calling with full vigor and gusto. Everyone should read this post to see how it can help influence your views.

  6. Great post Dr. Dyer! Too easy to spend our resources on frivolous things that ultimately just distract us from pursuing our dreams. I love the idea of managing our finances in a way that allows us to “live the life of passion and fulfillment that [we] were meant to live”. Thanks!