An Interview with Larry Winget, Author of People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!

Larry Winget Interview

I recently had the chance to interview personal development speaker and writer, Larry Winget, with a few questions about his new book, his take on personal finance, and his career success. Enjoy the interview:

Hi, Larry. I've been hearing a lot about your new book, People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It. What kind of person should go out and buy this book?

Anyone who is brave enough to admit that they sometimes do stupid things that create stupid results in their lives. Anyone who is tired of just saying that they want more money, better health, better relationships and more success and are ready to actually achieve more of all of those things. Anyone who is willing to recognize that they are sabotaging their success and want to move past it.

While this is the most obnoxious title of any of my bestselling books, this is the most positive book of all in terms of giving the reader real how-to's for turning their life around.

How did you get started in your current speaking/writing career and why do you think you've been so successful?

I have been speaking professionally for nearly twenty years but the last ten have been where I experienced the most success and when my books starting showing up. I have been successful because of my willingness to be authentic, call an idiot and idiot, admit my own failures and the lessons learned from those mistakes.

Add to that my willingness to step away from the pack of motivational bozos and tell people it takes more than a positive attitude to change your life. People are ready for a dose of reality and someone who won't mince words. I'm that guy: A unique voice with a unique look and a unique message. Read Larry's Blog

PT Money and Larry Winget Agree: Don't Be an Idiot!

PT Money and Larry Winget Agree: Don't Be a Financial Idiot!

Larry, I'm a big fan of your work on A&E's Big Spender. I love your straight-forward approach to helping people with their finances. What have you found is the most common reason behind people's inability to live within their means, and what's the solution?

Your money always goes to what is most important to you. If looking cute is the most important thing to you, then your money will be spent at the mall. If having a financially secure future is the most important thing to you, then that is where your money will go. Stop saying what is important to you and instead investigate the truth by tracking your spending.

Just look at where you have been spending your money and you will know the truth about your priorities. At that point, set some new priorities and make sure that is where your energy and money go. None of this is that hard. However, 40% of society still spends more money than they make, that is stupid! So STOP THAT!

Larry, you've obviously seen great success with your career in personal development, both speaking and writing. What's next? What can we expect from Larry Winget in 2009 and beyond?

You will see a lot more of me on television. I am in the process of working on a couple of new TV ventures that will show up soon. And there are two more books to be released in the next year. One is a “best of Larry” daily reminder type of book called, No Time For Tact and the other is a parenting book, called Stop Raising Stupid Kids. I'll also continue to appear on stages around the world speaking to corporations and associations.

Bottom line: You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Larry Winget's Other Books

Larry has also written, Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Better Life and You're Broke Because You Want to Be.

If there's a personal finance author you'd like me to interview, please contact me.

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  1. Larry Winget is right on the money. I’ve read “Shut Up, Stop, Whining and Get a Life” and Larry is a humorous and smart life coach without all the bloviating “corporate-speak” crap. Authentic commonsense!

  2. Christopher Holdheide says:

    Love the picture PT. I will definatly be picking up the book.

  3. I heart Larry too. Gotta appreciate tough love advice with no repercussions. Great interview, PT!

  4. “Your money always goes to what’s most important to you.”

    Great saying. Once you realize that, the next step is tracking your spending. I was surprised at how much I was spending on gas and eating out before I kept a budget.

    By the way, why does every motivational speaker have to look crazy. I have a hard time listening to a guy who wears a shirt like that.

  5. Nice interview. I love Larry and his Big Spender show!

  6. Ashley @ Wide Open Wallet says:

    Aww.. I love Larry. How cool to be able to interview him. neat!

  7. Wow – you two look just alike! Sounds like a great book – thanks for the report!