I Really Did Just Save a Bunch of Money with GEICO

There are two ways to a more affordable auto insurance policy:

1. you can either review your current auto insurance policy and reduce the amount of coverage and extras, OR
2. you could request an affordable auto insurance quote and change insurance companies all together.

I guess technically you could do both, right?

In the coming days and weeks I’ll be sharing some information on auto insurance: how to evaluate your policy, where to find inexpensive auto insurance, what to look for in a new auto insurance policy, and specialty information about cheap car insurance for young drivers and students, women’s car insurance, temporary car insurance, etc. But first here’s my recent story…

How I Found an Affordable Auto Insurance Policy

For a while I simply tried to save money by reviewing my auto insurance policy every years and removing all the extras and increasing my deductibles. I was able to trim my bill by quite a bit over the years, while still maintaining the level of risk I was comfortable with.

Get a GEICO quote today!
Recently though I decided to look into a different insurance company. I looked for a discount through a trade organization I’m a part of first. And there was a link to GEICO. I’ve obviously heard of GEICO before and seen their crazy commercials. But I never tried to hook up with them. My next step was to search for an affordable auto insurance quote online with GEICO. I was pleased at the results and I offer them up to you to see if you can save a bunch of money with GEICO too.

Auto Insurance Plan Before and After

Old Policy – $734.10/6 months = $122.35/mo
GEICO – $523.80/6 months = $87.30/mo

When comparing auto insurance policies it’s important to do an “apples to apples” comparison. See if you’re getting the same coverage. The above two prices were based on similar level of coverage and deductibles. I also had several discounts through both companies (multi-car, safe driver, anti-lock, anti-theft). GEICO came out significantly ahead. That’s an extra $400 I am saving annually. I’m not sure if I was just over paying with the other company or whether GEICO is just that much more competitive. Possibly both. I’m curious if any of you have had a similar experience?

More Discounts Available

In addition to the above discounts, I just found out I’m eligible for a defensive driver discount of $50. That would make my policy even more affordable.

Visit GEICO Car Insurance to get a free auto insurance quote today! Find out how much you could save.

Do you have a similar story? Have you tried GEICO and had success? Any issues to report with their claims service or general customer service?

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  1. We recently switched to allstate and saved a bundle too. They had some better coverage than our old plan and more benefits. So we pretty much got more coverage for less money. Wonderful

  2. @Kev – Thanks for sharing your story. Sometimes I think it just pays to keep moving around till you find the best deal.

    @Mike – 8th!

    @Keith – I’ve heard good things about them. That’s a nice monthly rate.

  3. Keith @ LifeTuner says

    My wife and I pay about $78/mo for auto and rental insurance throug USAA. Their customer service is amazing. We both had connections to the military when we joined, but I think they recently opened to the general public.

  4. You’re the 9th best driver in the state of LA. That should get some sort of discount.

  5. No Debt Plan says

    Same thing happened to me with similar savings. Old policy actually was going to go UP when I got married. Geico saved me a ton.

    Then I checked a quote from Progressive about 6 months ago. Even bigger discount from Geico — with better coverage. I couldn’t believe it, but I’m definitely enjoying the savings 🙂