Would You Pay $35 for a Movie Ticket?

True Gold, Baby!

More proof that the rich are trying to get away from you! Opening soon in a city near you upscale movie theaters where tickets will cost $35.

The sad thing is the $35 doesn’t include any drinks or appetizers. Sounds like a deal to me! Seriously though, I could see myself checking out one of these theaters just once…maybe on a special occasion.  Maybe I could convince my employer this is a necessary team outing. Till then, I’ll just be spending my $1 to see movies.

Is this over-the-top? Would you ever pay $35 to see a movie in a theater like this?

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  1. Nope, not me. If I am going to spend that much on a “date night” I want to have some talk to talk to my wife and spend some quality time together. Watching a movie doesn’t do that.

    Plus, a far less expensive option is to watch a movie at home and make drinks and appetizers.

    Redbox Rental: $1
    Bottle of Wine: $10
    Dinner for two and appetizer: $10-$15

  2. No way…I can barely stomach the $9.50 it is right now…

  3. Nope. I don’t mind regular theaters. And I often prefer to see things at home. If I was rich and went to the theater as rarely as I do now (couple times a year) maybe I’d try it out.

  4. No thanks – i’ll stick to my free redbox rentals (with their free rental coupon codes)and watch the movie in comfort at home. ..

    For a crazy spending night we’ll go to the cheap theater where a ticket runs $2.50.

  5. Mark @ TheLocoMono says:

    If they throw in close-captioning, I might just try it out some day. Till then, movie theathers have been banned from my leisurely activities.

  6. We have had these gold class cinemas in Australia for years – I am actually quite surprised that they didn’t start in the US?

    I have been three times. On one occasion my boyfriend and I were given a gift voucher from someone as a thank you for helping them with moving.

    Another time was when my boyfriend (who is the army) came home after spending almost a month in the bush training. He wanted luxury and he was more than willing to pay for it with the special training allowance he was paid for that trip. I wouldn’t have done it myself but his choice.

    The other time was for the premiere of the 5th Harry Potter movie. My friends and I decided we’d prefer to pay up rather than stand in line for an hour plus. Plus it meant we could choose our own seating (although there’s now pre-assigned seating in our cinemas).

    It’s nice but I certainly would only do it once every few years if that.

  7. @Cat – thanks for sharing your experience. i’m looking forward to checking it out once.