Weekend Link Roundup

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a roundup. Here are a few of the great articles that I missed in January.

Oblivious Investor answers three questions: Stocks or Mutual Funds: Which Should I Buy, Does This Count As Market Timing, and How Much Income Will You Need in Retirement?

Money Help for Christians lists the 21 Best Money Blogs of 2010.

Amateur Asset Allocator shares that Congress Can’t Beat The Market, Even When It Cheats, and provides some solid info about Alternative Asset Classes That Are Easy To Own.

Frugal Dad warns you to Brace Yourself for $5-per-Gallon Gas, and gives 9 Ways to Prepare for Food Inflation.

The Wisdom Journal provides three resolutions worth keeping: Find a New or Better Job, Get an Insurance Checkup, and Set Up An Investment Account With An Online Brokerage.

Christian Personal Finance provides a few Job Interviewing Tips and Advice.

Money Smarts Blog shares his 2010 Couch Potato Investment Return, updates his fellow Canadians with the 2011 RRSP Contribution Limits And 2011 RRSP Contribution Deadline, and provides an excellent review of Mint.com Canada.

Wealth Pilgrim provides some nice retirement advice with asking Can You Retire Now?, and sharing Why and Where To Roll Your 401k, as well as, how you should go about Creating a Financial Plan for Free.

My Wife Quit Her Job shares 3 Steps to Becoming Successful in Online Business.

Good Financial Cents gives us 7 Things You Must Know Roth IRA Rules for 2011, tells us about the 2011 Energy Tax Credits for Home Improvements, and updates us on the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Changes for 2011.

Studenomics shares an awesome 5,000 Word Case Study With Serial Internet Entrepreneur Pat Flynn, as well as a Case Study On Explosive Blog Growth & Creating a Full-Time Income. He also shares Why You Should Start With Freelancing Right Now.

The Digerati Life provides some Bill Paying Strategies To Help Find Your Spending Balance.

Bible Money Matters gives us the 2011 Federal Income Tax Brackets, the 2011 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Changes, and some Tips For Self-Preparing And Filing Your Income Taxes.

Moolanomy teaches us how to How to Recharacterize Your Roth IRA Conversion…and Why, asks Are You Responsible for Your Spouse’s Debt?, and questions Reducing Credit Card Debt with Balance Transfers: Is It Realistic?

Money Under 30 share the Big Fat Guide to Getting Out of Debt on Your Own.

Free From Broke gives us a few Blogger Tax Deductions You Should Be Looking For Come Tax Time, lists the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards, and hosts the Festival of Frugality: Spend it Edition.

Gen X Finance updates us on the 2011 401k, 403b, and 457 Plan Contribution Limits, and shares a Scottrade Review: $7 Trades and Local Offices.

The Financial Blogger shares a great list of 30 Financial Moves Before 30, and provides some Ways to Avoid a Real Job After College.


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