The 282nd Carnival of Personal Finance (Seinfeld Edition)

Welcome to the 282nd Carnival of Personal Finance, where today we’ll be discussing one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld. Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer were able to compile 180 episodes over the course of nine seasons and 179 of those episodes are still in syndication today. Which one is missing you ask? Well it’s the Puerto Rican Day Parade episode, as Kramer accidental burns, then stomps out the flames on the Puerto Rican flag. Not a wise thing to do on television.

So without further adieu, let’s get started on this edition of the carnival of personal finance, Seinfeld style.

The Subway – 1991 (Editors Picks)

In season three the cast is plotted on the subway trying to get to different places at different times.  Jerry’s hoping to win a big stuffed animal at Coney Island, George is on his way to an interview, Elaine is the best man at a lesbian wedding and Kramer has hundreds of dollar is parking tickets, and is on his way to court.  Well, Jerry is the only one that actually makes it to where he’s going and before you know it, you’re on your back laughing at what happens to George and Elaine.  This episode was aired close to 20 years ago and I’ve seen it 100 times, but 100 more would be A-OK to me.

The Cafe – 1991 (Debt)

You wouldn’t expect an actor with the name Brian George to pull off a role like Babu Bhatt but he does an amazing job.  Jerry, concerned with the business of a new Pakistani restaurant, decides to eat there himself and offer a few suggestions on how to improve the slow foot traffic.  This all happens while George is cheating on an IQ test by having Elaine help him out and she scores a less than impressive 85 her first time around.  Fun Fact # 8172: One of the reasons that Kramer is appealing to the ladies is from a jacket his mother’s ex-boyfriend left behind.

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The Bubble Boy – 1992 (Retirement)

Jerry, George and Elaine plan a getaway in the cabin owned by Susan’s (George’s girlfriend) father but on their way, they have to make one quick stop at the house of a bubble boy.  During a game of trivial pursuit with the bubble boy, George becomes extremely competitive and doesn’t allow an obvious misprint to win the game for the bubble boy.  As you would expect with a character like George, he fights the bubble boy and his bubble accidentally pops.  Setting the stage for future great episodes, this is also the time where Kramer burns down the Ross cabin.

The Understudy – 1994 (Family and Education)

In the last episode of season six, Jerry dates a woman who is the Understudy for Bette Midler in the musical “Rochelle, Rochelle”.  During a company softball game, George absolutely destroys Bette while sliding into home plate, causing Jerry’s girlfriend to take the lead role.  In the meantime, Elaine is trying to figure out what the Korean nail salon is saying and we learn that George’s father, played by Jerry Stiller, had an affair with a Korean woman.  Kramer is able to nurse Bette Midler back to health and season six concludes.  Fun fact # 1827: Bette Midler’s favorite Italian ice flavor is Pineapple.  Huh.

The Calzone – 1995 (Investing)

Have you ever had a really good Calzone?  Pizza here in Miami is hit or miss but there’s a nice little shop on 116th and 6th ave. where the Calzones are bigger than the pizzas and they taste amazing.  Only after eating one did I understand why George Steinbrenner had to have one for lunch each and every day.  One of the best scenes of all time is found in this episode when Kramer asks the pizza guy to cook his shirt, it burns, then he tries to pay for his calzones with pennies.  Fun fact #1028: Newman doesn’t work in the rain.

The Soup Nazi – 1995 (Real Estate and Insurance)

What Seinfeld list wouldn’t be complete without a reference to the Soup Nazi?  In somewhat of a rarity, all four main characters participate in the same storyline, whereas they all love the Soup Nazi’s soup.  Unsurprisingly, while Jerry, George and Elaine have trouble ordering the soup, Kramer has become best friends with the Soup Nazi and for the first time, we’re introduced to the street tough gang that steals Elaine’s armoire.  To be fair, the Soup Nazi does look like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman.  Hooo Wah … Hooo Wah.

The Seven – 1996 (Credit Cards)

In one of my absolutely, most favorite of episodes, George comes up with the unusual name of “Seven” for their unborn child.  The name is meant as a tribute to Mickey Mantle and Susan hates hit.  Susan isn’t the only one as Jerry also thinks it’s stupid and comes up with names of his own by looking though his cupboard.  He suggests Maxwell House (pretty name for a girl) and every time I hear that, I lose it.  As this is going on, Elaine hurts her neck and Kramer snaps it back into place, asking for a bicycle she just purchased as payment for his services.  She refuses to turn it over and Newman mediates the argument that ultimately gives the bike to Kramer.

The Susie – 1996 (Frugality)

I was only 11 years old when this episode was released but I thought the answering machine message George Costanza created was the greatest thing of all time.  Elaine is having trouble with an imaginary employee, Kramer has a gambling problem and Jerry accidentally breaks a guys thumbs when he doesn’t “pay up”.  Oddly enough, it would appear the only way to get rid of imaginary people is to have the commit suicide, then hold a funeral for all of there fake friends to attend.  You see, you also learn a lot from this show.

The Dealership – 1997 (Saving)

In a perfect world, when you drove your car and the gas tank was on “E”, you wouldn’t be able to drive any further but for some reason, there’s just no way to tell how much farther you can go when you have an empty tank.  Kramer does his best to find out and in the meantime, Jerry is in the market for a new automobile.  One thing I wish I had more of over 180 episodes was Patrick Wharburton and his character “Putty”.  He was only developed toward the end of the series and in this episode, I get all the Putty I want.

The Frogger – 1998 (The Rest)

Atari made a couple of instant classics, one of which was the game “Frogger”.  The idea of the game was simple enough, move your frog across the screen from one side to the other without dying.  Well, George was apparently the best player this game has ever seen and the arcade style machine inside of Mario’s pizzeria proved it.  The only problem is that the pizzeria was shutting down and George goes on a quest to keep his legacy alive.  Also during this episode, a serial killer who chops peoples heads off is on the loose and Kramer appropriately thinks up a nickname for him.  “The Denogganizer”  Hilarious!

Well that about does it for this edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.  Make sure you check in next week, where Simply Forties will be hosting.  Peace out everybody!

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