The 156th Carnival of Personal Finance: Songs of Summer

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.  What’s that?  It’s a blog “post that brings attention to some of the week’s most interesting and informative blogger-written articles within the broad spectrum of personal finance. It is a showcase of blog posts, submitted by their authors or by casual readers for consideration.”  This is number 156.

Songs of Summer

For this edition I thought it might be fun to break out some of my favorite songs of summer.  Do you remember these?  Let these play while you breeze through the 100 posts submitted this edition.

Editor’s Picks

Grey from Frugal Fu presents The ABC’s of Keeping Cool.  This is a very timely post with loads of unique points on staying cool when it’s getting hot.

otherdeb from The Dangling Conversation presents How I Will Save Money on My Summer Vacation.  Learn how to have a great time for little or no money this summer!

Amy @ The Q Family from The Q Family Adventure presents 13 Fun (Free) Things to do This Summer.  This is an excellent post highlighting some free things you can do with your kids this summer.  Check ’em out.

Kimberly from Alpha Consumer presents 6 Ways to Save Money on Vacation.  You can plan a nice vacation without breaking the bank.  Find out how by reading this post.

Sean from Financial Ramblings presents Spreadsheet: New Car Cost vs Old Car Cost, Version 1.0.  Debating whether you should sell that gas guzzler for a new, more efficient vehicle?  Check out this calculator which will help you cut through the hype.

That One Caveman from One Caveman’s Financial Journey presents 13 Free or Cheap Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer, and says, “As summer approaches, a reminder of some of the free, cheap and easy ways to help keep your home cooler.”



Bananarama – Cruel Summer


Pete from Bible Money Matters presents Cash Flow Planning with Financial Peace University, and says, “Setting up a budget as part of Financial Peace University”

Saver from She’s a saver, He’s a spender presents Expense tracking: keeping it simple.

Kelly from My Small Cents from My Small Cents presents A Tale Of Two Budgets.

Ms. Miniducky from Ms. Miniducky presents One PB&J a day brings a home within reach?.

Debbie from Debbie The Debt Destroyer presents Debt-aholics Anonymous: 6 Steps to Becoming Debt Sober.


FMF from Free Money Finance presents How to Succeed in Your Career, and says, “Thoughts on Career Success.”

Bryce from Save and Conquer presents Long Hours, and says, “To keep from becoming a layoff statistic, a worker must make sure they are an important asset to their company.”

Steve Faber from Debt Free presents Top 10 Part Time Evening Jobs – The New Way to Pay Your Rising Mortage and Gas Bills?.

Ted from CampusGrotto College Advice presents Paying for College.


DR from The Dough Roller presents 5 Great Travel Reward Credit Cards, and says, “Here are 5 travel reward credit cards that could pay for your next vacation.”

mbhunter from Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Wading through gas credit card offers, and says, “Credit cards with rewards for gas stations are getting a little nicer. Here are a few suggestions for sorting out the important terms and conditions.”

DMH from Daily Money Hacks presents Opt Out of Marketing Materials.

jim from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity presents Best Gasoline Cashback Credit Cards, and says, “Save on gasoline by getting a solid cashback credit card.”

Cap from presents HOWTO: Make Sure You’ll Be Approved for a Credit Card, and says, “Avoid an unnecessary hard inquiry! A quick three step guide on how you can check credit pulls databases to see your chances at being approved before you apply for a credit card. ”

FIRE Finance from FIRE Finance presents Sneaky Credit Card Trick #1 – Over The Credit Limit Fees.

Credit Addict from presents Reward Credit Cards: Ripoff or Real Deal?.

Chief Family Officer from Chief Family Officer presents Something I wish I’d known three months ago: Some credit card issuers do not allow merchants to impose a maximum.

Jeremy from Taking Charge presents TransUnion settlement details emerge


Aryn from Sound Money Matters presents Save Money on Student Loans without Consolidating, and says, “Federal student loans can’t be consolidated anymore, but you can still find ways to save money on them.”

Tracy Coenen from The Fraud Files Blog presents What does Dave Ramsey think about United First Financial, and says, “United First Financial pitches their Money Merge Account as the way to pay down your mortgage fast. It’s a lie. The way to pay down your mortgage fast is to NOT give UFF $3,500 and simply pay extra on your mortgage each month. Dave Ramsey agrees with me.”



The Boys of Summer – Don Henley


FFB from Free From Broke presents Will The Economic Stimulus Payments Have To Be Paid Back, and says, “The IRS says the payments will not have to be paid back. I think otherwise.”

Paula Wethington from Monroe on a budget presents New species: middle class families on tight budgets, and says, “either economy or frugality … this is more observations than frugal tips!”

David from Money Under 30 presents Should You Boycott Gas Stations?, and says, “Idealist bloggers and chain e-mails call for the Great American Gas Boycott. Sorry, it wouldn’t work.”

FrugalTrader from Million Dollar Journey presents Airline Fuel Surcharges, and says, “Article explaining the various fuel surcharges for various North American Airlines. Are airline companies profiting from high fuel prices?”


Madison from My Dollar Plan presents 10 Financial Tips for New Grads.

nickel from FiveCentNickel presents The Parallels Between Finance and Fitness.

AndyS from Saving to Invest presents Is your can an asset or a liability?, and says, “When calculating your net worth, do you include your car as an asset? What value do you assign to it and what about all the running and insurance costs?”

Steve from Quest For A Million presents Fuel Efficiency and What It Costs, and says, “Exploring getting a more fuel efficient vehicle and why I’m not doing it for financial reasons.”

pfi from Passive Family Income presents Tracking a bad Prosper loan, and says, “I am submitting a recent article about a Prosper loan that I invested in that is going bad.”

Will from Your Finish Rich Plan presents The Overdraft Fees Ripoff, and says, “There’s a big scam running in the banking system, and it involves overdraft fees and how they’re imposed.”



Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer In The City


Glblguy from Gather Little by Little presents The M-Network Vacation Guide – Low cost summer family vacations

Mike from Living the Cheap Life presents A penny saved is a penny earned…sometimes..

Kevin from No Debt Plan presents Portion Control and Your Finances, Part 2, and says, “Be sure and check out Part 1.

Kaye from Mrs Nespy’s World presents Cruise Control – When to Go, and says, “It is best to pick a time to cruise that fits both your schedule AND your budget!”

bluntmoney from Blunt Money presents Procrastinate your way to spending less.

Joanna from keeping feet presents Subscription Math, and says, “The “money-saving subscription” plans usually aren’t as good a deal as they claim to be.”

BeThisWay from Are You Going To Be This Way the Rest of the Time I Know You? presents Hospital Income Policy A Terrific Buy For My Family – How About Yours?.

Brooke from Dollar Frugal presents Cooking in the Heat (Outside Cooking).

S. Shugars from Saving Advice presents Don’t be Mr. Cheap, and says, “There’s a difference between cheap and frugal.”

Biff from basicfinancial presents Gardening…Meet your new master, and says, “How I got my garden at no cost to me.”

Bob from Christian Money and Finances presents Save money shopping online, and says, “Discussing a cool tool I found to help you save money when shopping online.”

Matt from One Million and Beyond presents The Pros and Cons of Shopping Around, and says, “Shopping around can save you a bunch of money but it can also be nothing more than a waste of time the key is finding the right balance. ”

Debbie from American Consumer News presents Reduce Household Expenses: Chop the Grocery Bill.


Ryan from Millionaire Money Habits presents Quickly and Safely Double Money, and says, “How quickly do you think you could double money? Let’s say you had a quarter. Could you turn that into $0.50 within a couple of days? If so, why can’t you just as easily double larger denominations? Here’s how . . . ”

Clint from Accumulating Money presents How Your 401K Works to Your Benefit.

Dividends4Life from Dividends4Life presents Who is Ben Grossbaum and Why Should We Lisiten to Him?, and says, “Ben Grossbaum was born on May 8, 1894 in London and moved to New York with his family when he was one year old. Young Ben was motivated by the death of his father and the humiliation of poverty. ”

The Dividend Guy from The Dividend Guy presents The Top 3 Dividend Investing Books , and says, “There are a lot of personal finance books available – these are three that I believe to be the best books for dividend investors.”

AJC from How to make $7 million in 7 years presents The Myth of Diversification, and says, “Diversification: the mantra of personal finance. But, is diversification really the best strategy? The World’s Greatest Investor says “No!””

retirehappy from My Retirement Blog presents Naming Beneficiaries on Retirement Plans.

The Financial Blogger from The Financial Blogger presents Have You Ever Fallen In Love?, and says, “I write about difficulties we have when we “fall in love” with a stock that keeps going down. We just can’t get rid of it for an unexplained reason.”



Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69

GBlogger from Can I Get Rich On A Salary presents What To Do With Wildly Inconsistent Stock Advice, Using China as an Example, and says, “The more personal-finance advice and stock tips you read, the more you find inconsistencies across the pundits. How might you handle this?”

Sun from The Sun’s Financial Diary presents State Street Launched Global Real Estate ETF (RWO).

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Selected Dividend Increases in May .

Tushar from Everything Finance presents Five Online Resources for Forex Beginners.

Ryan Suenaga from Uncommon Cents presents May I Have the Envelope Please: How’d My Portfolio Do?.

Smarty from Growing Money presents Stock Challenge June 2008.

Financial Goal from Goal of Financial Freedom presents Reminders from Omaha, and says, “The article shows the 6 timeless advices by the Oracle of Omaha and my thoughts on them.”

Money Management

squawkfox fromsquawkfox presents Review: Moneydance 2008 (a Quicken alternative), and says, “Looking for an affordable alternative to Quicken? Why not do a little Moneydance!”

Ashley from Wide Open Wallet presents Saying No to Your Kids, and says, “Why and how you should curb your kid’s impulse shopping.”

Frugal Dad from Frugal Dad presents The Dave Ramsey Babysteps: Everybody’s a Critic.

Debt Freedom Fighter from Discover Debt Freedom presents How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck.

Dana from Not Made Of Money presents Can a Freezer Lower the Cost of Your Groceries?

NtJS from Not the Jet Set . net presents Ed McMahon Is NOT Coming, and says, “Apparently Ed didn’t save one of those giant Publisher’s Clearinghouse checks for himself. Apparently he didn’t save much.”

Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again presents Calculate Your Gas Usage, and says, “I created an Excel spreadsheet which allows calculation of MPG, how much it costs to drive one mile or however many miles you want to calculate and you can estimate for future costs of what you will spend on gasoline. I use it to estimate how much we’ll need to hold back for gasoline for two weeks in advance.”

Jamy from Seaykopitiam presents The yin and yan of wealth equation, and says, “Money management through the mindset of Yin and Yan wealth equation.”

Kevin Brink from The Red Stapler Chronicles presents Financial Health Days.

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck from Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents Dear $aturn: will you love me tomorrow?, and says, “The conundrum: when to finally say goodbye to a car? Can you ever truly know if the future maintenance costs will be worth it when you’re evaluating a repair bill today??”



Seals & Crofts – Summer Breeze


RC from Think Your Way To Wealth presents 15 Ways for Teens to Make Money This Summer, and says, “Thanks!”

Luke from Money & Fitness Blog presents Comparing Financial Blogs to NBA Players, and says, “Can I please get some credit for originality?”

dad from Raising4Boys presents Free Summer Movies for Kids: 2008 Edition, and says, “Cheap (free!) summer entertainment for you and your family.”

sow from Stewards of Wealth presents Insuring Your Biggest Asset.

vh from Funny about Money presents How I Spent $48,346.36 on My Dogs.

Megan from A Dollar a Day presents Rewards Programs.

Foxie from Dreaming of Ferraris presents An Interesting Financial Talk, and says, “It’s always best to evaluate expensive wants against what you need as well as taking into account how well your spending reflects your true values.”

John MacKenzie from Adult ADD and Money presents Six Overlooked Reasons why you are struggling with your finances: Reason #4 – Not reaching out for Support.

Real Estate

Greener Pastures from Greener Pastures: Personal Finance presents Real Estate: Selling Your Home in a Buyer’s Market.

Todd from Harvesting Dollars presents Calculate Cash Payback On Home Improvements.

Curt from presents Housing Could Fall 20 Percent More.

JS from Smart Money Daily presents Celebrity Foreclosures – How Can it Happen?, and says, “Two rich celebrities faced foreclosure this week, as both Ed McMahon and Evander Holyfield joined the more than one million Americans being sucked under by the dive in real estate values. Since we idolize and fanaticize about the live’s of the rich & famous, is there a financial reality lesson here?”

Dan Melson from Searchlight Crusade presents Why Is My Rate Higher Than My Lender Promised?.


My Money Adventure from My Money Adventure presents Product Reviews — uPromise, Brring, Revolution Money Exchange, and says, “My Review of common “personal finance” sites”

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Have No Estate Plan? Try This Guide to Wills & Trusts, and says, “If you have dependents, having an estate plan is quite important. Here’s a guide that can help you sort out the facts on estate planning.”

Dan from Everyday Finance presents Consumer Reports Best Of: Cash Back Credit Cards, Cameras and Cars!, and says, “Dan at Everyday Finance reviews “Best Of” in the latest month’s edition of Consumer Reports as well as providing a critique of some financial advice in the top consumer mag.”



DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – Summertime


Jason from Online Savings Blog presents Savings Onion: Where Our Money Goes.  An interesting way to think about saving more money.

The Happy Rock from The Happy Rock presents Free Cash: $50 SmartyPig Gift Card Giveaway, and says, “Earn some extra money with a free giveaway.”

SGM from Single Guy Money presents Vacation Savings Account.

Presh from Mind Your Decisions presents Make Saving Enjoyable, or How You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too, and says, “This article explains why proper motivation, not proper goals, are the key to saving. When you want to save (ex–taking restaurant leftovers for a meal the next day), no one needs to tell you what to do, and you automatically maximize happiness.”

NCN from No Credit Needed presents I Pay Myself First – And Last – And All Along The Way.

Brandon from OneChanceToLive presents Is your savings account costing you?.

livingalmostlarge fromLivingAlmostLarge presents Cash = Affordability?, and says, “Can you afford something if you pay cash? Or are there limits to what you can afford?”

Dorian Wales from The Personal Financier presents The Perfect Home is a Financial Nightmare – Don’t Get Caught Up In the Costly Race, and says, “It is very easy to get sucked in a terribly expensive effort which never really ends.”


MoneyNing (David) from Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning presents Economic Stimulus Payment and Notice, and says, “Have you received your economic stimulus check yet? If you haven’t it’s time to find out why!”

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