The 14th Money Hacks Carnival – Weird Golf Facts Edition

Welcome to the May 28, 2008 (the 14th) edition of Money Hacks Carnival.  Another huge list of submissions to sort through.  I really enjoyed reading these posts.  I’ve decided to highlight some weird golf facts for this edition.  Did you know…

A Golf Hack is defined as someone who “chops violently at the ball, makes bad shots, and generally plays bad golf.”

Editor’s Picks

Bill D asks us, Is Your “Money Story” Keeping You Broke? posted at The Wealth Hunter. Find out if you have a money story and if it is keeping you broke.

Erica Douglass presents Save Thousands of Dollars In Five Minutes or Less With My “Secret” Coupon Hacks posted at, saying, “How do you get ridiculous discounts at retail? Here is a comprehensive guide to save on everything from computer purchases to any American Airlines flight (even the cheapest ones!)”

Aryn tells us how to Stop Credit Card Offers in Ten Minutes Flat which was posted at Sound Money Matters, saying, “A quick call will stop those annoying offers from your own banks.”  Yes, take it to the next level and stop your own bank’s mailings.

squawkfox shares a story of A day without electricity posted at squawkfox.  See what a day sitting in the dark might teach you.

GBlogger presents an excellent post that breaks down the topic of saving into two parts, There Are Only Two Ways To Save More Money which was posted at CAN I GET RICH ON A SALARY.  Check it out.

There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.


GradGirl presents New Grad: 5 Things I Wish I’d Known posted at This Writer’s Wallet, saying, “I finished grad school just a year ago, so I remember really well what it was like to search for The Job that would correspond with your major. I also remember that it was a little scary.”

Cash Money Life answers the question he’s been pondering lately: What is COBRA Insurance? over at Cash Money Life, saying, “COBRA insurance can be an extremely important thing to have when you change jobs, or are laid off. It’s definitely worth looking into.”

Sally Thompson has put together a massive list of 100 Job Solutions and Resources for Former Military Personnel posted at  This is a great list to share with that military loved one who may be needing this soon.

Four-time long-drive champion Jason Zuback once drove a golf ball over 700 yards on an airport runway.

Debt & Credit

freefrombroke presents American Express Likes Me But Not Enough posted at Free From Broke, saying, “American Express is trying to sign me up for their gold card. Again.”  Learn how to steer clear of these marketing tactics.

Lisa Spinelli offers up some facts and interesting opinions in Foreclosure Frenzy posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance. Think you know where Lisa is going with this?  Think again and check out this post.

Mike Leonard poses the question Did Self Help books cause your debt and ruin your life? which was posted at Until Debt Do Us Part, saying, “I really enjoy reading self help books. They give me an emotional kick and the powerful words have helped me through some tough times. However the cynic in me has always questioned some of the claims made in them. Is it really that easy to make a million? Someone once said that the people who made the most money during the gold rush were the people who sold the digging tools.”

In a three-day span on a course in Wales, a mother, father and son each made a hole-in one; the odds of this feat are at least 10,000,000 to one.


Help My Cash Grow says Don’t Blame OPEC in an opinion post at  There are some interesting economic facts and opinions laid out in this post covering the supposed United States Oil Crisis.  Be sure and check this post out.

Chris Carter presents Why the Gas Tax Should Be RAISED posted at David Makes, saying, that this post “Goes over the positive effects increasing the gas tax would bring to Americans.”

Nobby Owens traveled on the Concorde to play 18 holes of golf in London, New York and Los Angeles—all in the same day.


mmhabits presents Fun with Money – Market Speculation that was posted at Millionaire Money Habits, saying, “Allow yourself to enjoy the thrills of market speculation, but don’t risk more than you can handle. Here’s how to play to win big without losing your shirt.”  Great advice for newbie investors like me.

Dividends4Life shares with us The First Steps To Investing that he would tell his kids to follow, posted at Dividends 4 Life, saying, “I am not a licensed professional and I don’t know your specific situation, so I can’t tell you how to invest. However, you can listen in on the advice I will give my kids when they go out on their own.”

FMF tells us how Costs Limit Your Investment Returns which was posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “Watch costs to maximize investment returns.”

retirehappy tells us we should Ask Your Company to Match 401(k) Contributions posted at My Retirement Blog.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Brice Hogan presents how and why you should Fund Retirement Early which was posted at  Great advice.

Babak presents What Is Really Going On With The Price Of Crude Oil? posted at Trader’s Narrative, saying, “There may be more to the spike in the price of oil than just good old supply and demand.”

Dividend Growth Investor presents TEPPCO Partners (TPP) Dividend Analysis posted at Dividend Growth Investor.

The Toonik Tyme Festival in Nunavut features a nine-hole golf tournament on sea ice with fluorescent balls and parka-clad golfers at temperatures of –50?C.

Saving Money

Peter explains how you can Drive Free Cars and Retire Rich! in a post over at Bible Money Matters, saying, “A hack to save money for your next car, and end up never having to pay for another car.”  An interesting read.

The Happy Rock tells us how to Save Money At The Library – How To Return And Renew Your Books On Time a post over at The Happy Rock.  Check out this quick hack that is sure to save you from incurring fees.

nickel analyzes how you could be Saving Money With Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs at  I think you’ll be surprised.  I was.

Jim shares How To Cut College Costs by 13%-25%.  Find out how over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Big Larry lists some places that allow you to Eat for Free on Your Birthday in a post over at Holy Cash Cow

Heather Johnson presents an interesting read titled, Five Ways to Teach Your Kids about Money which was posted at Money Intellect.

Dollar Frugal shares an excellent list of Free Books/Reading Materials posted over at Dollar Frugal.

Mike shares with us Five ways to avoid being gouged by Ticketmaster posted at Living the Cheap Life.  Gotta hate those ridiculous Ticketmaster fees.

Home Life Weekly shares a Wedding Budget Planner and Calculator Spread Sheet posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, “Planning a wedding on a budget or know someone who is? Then this printable wedding budget spread sheet will help you keep a close eye on the costs of your wedding.”

BeThisWay presents Paying for Peace of Mind posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

Kevin Heath shares some Gas Saving Tips at More4kids, and says, “Families everywhere are really getting severly pinched or hurt with the price of gas these days, and there is no end in sight. Here are a few tips that may help…”

Full Grown Single writes a post about second trimester at Full-Grown Single, saying, “This is a post on the value of taking a slightly longer view of the “loose dollars” in your budget.”

Foxie presents The Final Verdict for my Phone posted at Dreaming of Ferraris, saying, “Sometimes you need to spend a little more up front to get a better deal in the end.”

Golf was invented in Scotland over 500 years ago, but the Chinese claim a similar game as far back as 943 AD.


RC presents a nice list of States With Upcoming Tax Free Holidays in 2008 posted at Think Your Way to Wealth. If you are like me, there are some dates on here you did not know about.  Check it out.

Wenchypoo presents Taxing the Rich? Hell, You Can’t Even SOAK ‘Em! posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Lee Trevino, one of golf’s most successful and popular players, was hit by lightning twice.


Madison presents the latest, greatest Personal Finance Site Rankings: May 2008 which was posted at My Dollar Plan.  Check it out and see where YOU stand.

CreditAddict provides some rather interesting advice for the occasion that your credit card doesn’t work when scanned.  Credit Card Not Working? Lick It (Seriously) at CreditAddict.

KCLau presents When should you rewrite your Will? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “On what you should look out for when considering rewriting your will”

Bryce presents Label Your Stuff posted at Save and Conquer, saying, “For the best chance to recover lost items, make sure all items you travel with have your current identification on or in them.”

NtJS tells us How To: Sell A Used Car: Episode 2 posted over at not the jet set, saying, “Part two of our ‘nuts-and-bolts’ guide to getting top dollar for your car by selling it yourself. No dealers needed!”

Andy asks us Are you using these 10 online financial security measures? which was posted at Saving to Invest, saying, “Online security tips to protect your financial information”

Chief Family Officer presents Going against the grain: When to get a whole life insurance policy that was posted at Chief Family Officer.  Check out this good primer if you are ever in the need of life insurance.

J. Savings poses an interesting question for you, George Bush offers to give you $2 million, BUT… which is posted at Budgets are Sexy, saying, “A fun “Would you rather” type question proposed: “George Bush offers to give you $2 Million in exactly 3 years from now (signed contract and all), BUT in order for you to get it, you have to give up EVERY PENNY you have right now – all savings, retirement, etc. Would you do it?””  I think I would.

Kaye presents Who Can It Be Now? – Cruisin’ Part 3 posted at Mrs Nespy’s World, saying, “Vacationing can be done while saving money at the same time! This is the 3rd part of a series about cruises.”

MyMoneyAdventure presents Y’s Story: Part 3 posted at My Money Adventure.

MoneyKing (Tim) presents Ladies: Keep The Jewelry, Or Give It Back? posted at The Money Kings, saying, “This post is mainly for the ladies. You don’t give any gifts from a man/it/thing/fiancé back, because they’re gifts. Any attempt on his/it/thing’s part to claim ownership of said gifts is moot. If you ever break up, sell them and keep the cash.”

Thanks Everyone!

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