The 140th Carnival of Debt Reduction: Circus Day Edition

Carnival of Debt Reduction: Circus Day Edition

Welcome to the 140th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction.  I read somewhere that today, May 19th, just happens to be Circus Day.  Happy Circus Day everyone!

This day kind of bums me out though.  My dear departed uncle was a circus clown before he died …  I remember all his friends came to the funeral in one car.  jk 😉

About The Carnival of Debt Reduction

In case you missed it, last week’s Carnival was held at DebtFREE-Revolution.  Be sure and get your article submitted.  If you’d like to host a future edition, use this contact form.  This is my second time to host and I have to say…it’s usually pretty interesting to read how people are reducing their debts.

Taming The “Debt” Lion (Editor’s Picks)

Don’t Let Credit Card Debt Weigh You Down was posted at Free From Broke.  Check it out to get FFB’s take on the true weight of credit card debt and some basic tips to help get you out of credit card debt.

Need a quick list of ways to reduce your debt?  Check out Ten Quick Easy Ways To Reduce Your Debt at My Two Dollars.

Looking for a quick and easy way to pay off that extra debt, check out 7 positive ways to use your Economic Stimulus Rebate at Bible Money Matters.

Be intentional with your life.  If you’re in major debt: Your Debt Makes Decisions For You.  Learn why that’s a bad thing.  Read this post from The Happy Rock.

Making the Switch was posted at My Daily Dollars.  What “switch” is this referring to?  Check it out to see.  A great read and an interesting, smart way to think about debt reduction.

The No Credit Needed Debt Reduction Guide Free eBook Download is now available at No Credit Needed.  Get your FREE copy now.  See how the master of debt reduction gets it done.

Goodbye Citibank! Lynnae at finally got rid of one of her credit cards.  Celebrate with her by checking out this story and seeing how she paid it off.  Way to go, Lynnae!

“What would you do if you suddenly found out your spouse was $20,000 dollars in credit card debt and didn’t tell you?”  Read Lies, money and marriage – what can you do? posted at Gather Little by Little.

Need another reason to hate on that debt of yours?  Check out: Why Debt Stinks: Sometimes It Forces You To Make The Cheap Choice posted at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already….

See how one personal finance blogger is putting her economic stimulus payment to work.  Read Our Game Plan for the Economic Stimulus Check posted at Green Panda Treehouse.

The Real Cost of Withdrawing Retirement Funds Early posted at Cash Money Life.

Shooting Debt Out of a Cannon

Home Equity Loans: Why They Don’t Make Sense as Part of Debt Reduction Plans posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Some Simple Debt Solutions For Getting Out Of Debt Faster posted at Debt Smackdown.

Micropayments Make Cents posted at

The Personal Financier: Saving Hundreds of Dollars Easily with Well Placed Outlook Reminders posted at Personal Financier.

Outstanding Debt as of May 2008 posted at Debt Reduction Formula.

What I like about Credit Cards posted at Life, Money & Development.

May 1st – 15th Financials posted at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill.

Tax Rebates, Economic Stimulus, And Annual Bonuses posted at Smart Personal Finances.

Balancing Debt on the Tight Rope

Why Some College Students Manage Their Finances Better than Middle-Aged Adults posted at Think Your Way to Wealth.

How to ruin yourself financially in one easy step posted at Living the Cheap Life.

Morality and debt posted at basicfinancial.

What if debt still equaled a prison sentence? posted at Taking Charge.

Not Clownin’ With Debt

Don’t Go Into Debt with Someone Before You Marry Them posted at Free Money Finance.

Tell Debt Settlement Co’s to Kiss Your A$$ posted at Debt Prison.

Create Your Own Bill Organizer posted at Destroy Debt.

The Family CEO: In Debt We Trust on YouTube posted at FeedBulletin for: thefamilyceo.

Fix Your Credit Report – Simple Fixes You Can Easily Do Yourself posted at

Thanks, everyone.  Have a great week.

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