Quick Money Tips: TakeOurStuff.com is Giving Away Cool Stuff

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Have you heard of TakeOurStuff.com?

In today’s edition, we take a look at ways you can win some free goods compliments of my boy J. Money’s new site TakeOurStuff.com.

Each week they give away something completely free.

The free items are usually unique, meaning they could come from someone’s personal collection or from anyone in the community.

They have 2 great giveaways going on right now that you might want to enter: Make It Rain with this $250 Shopping Spree (a $250 Visa gift card) or Burlap Sack o’ Stuff (a mystery bag filled with technological, health, fashion, entertainment, photography goodies and more!). Check out the site. It’s definitely a cool concept!

Best Quick Money Tips

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Student Starting College This Year? A 529 Savings Plan Might Still Help – Do you have a student heading to college soon? It may not be too late to take advantage of the tax benefits of a 529 savings plan.

Proposal to Limit Retirement Account Balances: Good or Bad? – There has been significant coverage in the media about this proposal. Both sides are presented here for you to decide what you think about it all.

More Quick Money Tips

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10 Little Known Facts About Home Appraisals – Also for those looking to buy a home or those looking to sell, these are good facts to keep in mind when getting a home appraised.

Golden Apps That Can Help You in Retirement – Retirees are using apps to save time, money, and/or help to keep their minds sharp. Plus, a few on this list are fun and helpful for all ages.

12 Cheap Date Ideas for Married Couples – Need something fun and inexpensive to do with your spouse? These ideas offer some easy ways to invest in your marriage.

Bad Advice? Here’s Some From Top Money Gurus – This article offers 5 areas where the financial experts may be wrong. Take a look to see if you think you may know better than they do.

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