September 2011 Personal Net Worth

I’m a bit late in reviewing this past month’s net worth changes. We were actually out of town for a week and I just couldn’t find time to stop down for the review. Regardless, here are the numbers for September. As you can see, the stock market fluctuations continue to pummel our numbers. But there were some other items that changed that I need to tell you about.

Townhome – Our townhome saw a decent uptick this past month. The previous three month skid on it’s value has stopped and we’ve returned to early Summer levels. Not that you can put all your faith in a number from Zillow. But it’s nice to have stopped the bleeding there and hopefully we’ll at least stabilize in the coming months.

Mortgage – The mortgage itself saw a nice chunk taken out of it. This was because we took our refinance over-payment (approx. $1,300) and applied it straight to the principal. I’ve debated whether we should continue making extra principal payments, and for now we’re going to hold off. At least until we get a firm grasp on our income from the conference I just put on. Business income in general has remained steady, but the event I put on has a lot of moving parts.

Not much to talk about besides those things. Credit card spending was up, but as usual, will be paid off completely before the due date each month. Next month, we’re hoping to start an official “down payment” fund for our next house. More on that next month.

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Last Edited: October 9, 2011 @ 10:30 pm
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