Obama and Bush Talk About Second Economic Stimulus Check

Obama Has Called for a Second Economic Stimulus Check

The check´s in the mail...

You knew this one already, I know.  Obama said throughout his campaign that he wants to give you a second economic stimulus check.  Even prior to the first 2008 economic stimulus checks being cut, Obama was offering up his own plan that would have put $250 worth of tax cuts immediately in our pockets.

Then, Bush and the Democratic legislature completed the first economic stimulus, providing checks to millions of Americans.  Later in the campaign Obama brought up the possibility of a second economic stimulus [speech transcript].  Obama said,

“I’ve called for another round of fiscal stimulus, an immediate $50 billion to help those who’ve been hit hardest by this economic downturn…”

Well, this hasn’t happened yet (obviously).  If not now, then when?

Bipartisan Economic Stimulus Checks for Everyone: Bush is On Board!

ABC News reports that Bush is in agreement with Obama’s desire to provide a second economic stimulus check and told him so:

“Reports leaking out of the meeting [the first between Bush and Obama, post election] suggested that Bush indicated he would support Obama’s hopes for another round of stimulus checks for U.S. taxpayers if Congress would also approve a long-stalled, free-trade pact with Colombia.”

This means, I think, that the second economic stimulus check *could* come sooner (before the end of the year), rather than later (in 2009).  I say that without knowing anything about the Colombian pact.  Anyone?

It should be noted that Bush mentioned he would consider a second back in late October [AP].  But now he’s told Obama he’s on board, and he’s offered a trade for it, the Colombian issue.

How Much will the Second Economic Stimulus Be?

There’s no way of knowing exactly how much the second stimulus will be until the check is in your hand, but here are the proposed amounts: “$500 for individuals and $1,000 for families.”

Do you think this second stimulus is a good idea for our economy?  Obviously it would help out each of our bank accounts in the short-term, but will it have long-term negative effects?  When do we say enough is enough with this “spend to survive” attitude?

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  1. Personally, I think it’s horrible given the deficit, and I have to wonder where this magic money comes from, and what, exactly, we are passing on to our children.

    However, if we do receive a second check, I imagine I’ll put in savings. Hey, if I at least use it to put towards my children’s college, then perhaps I can feel a little better about their future, right?

  2. Bush wants to give everyone a nice Christmas present as he leaves office – he might boost his approval rating and sell more books that way.

  3. We must not as a nation forget the role the high cost of our dependence on foreign fuel played in the demise of our automakers. The exorbitant cost of gas the past year has done serious damage to our economy and society. We need to take lessons from our mistakes.WE also need to get out from under the grip our dependence on fore gin oil has on us. Why not take some of these billions and invest in America becoming energy independent. Driving an electric car would cost the equivalent of 60 cents a gallon. The electricity could be generated by solar or wind power. Green technology would create millions of badly needed new jobs. What America needs is a green revolution. It is time for us to move forward with alternative energy. I just read Jeff Wilson’s new book The Manhattan Project of 2009. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is concerned about the downward spiral of our economy and it’s effect on our society and would like to see our country become energy independent!

  4. Personally, I believe that throwing more money at the problem will not work. Not everybody takes care of there financial responsibilities,on top of that how are we going to give money we don’t have.
    I think for the economy to balance out people have to pay there debts, one good way of doing this would be to lower people’s APR’s. I don’t understand how companies expect to get paid when people only make enough to intrest, they should start a new bailout program for homeowners.

  5. The stimulus checks aren’t going to work. The first one didn’t work. The bailout isn’t working.

    Why throw away more money?

  6. I agree with NoDebt. While it is a good idea in theory, I just think they are making things worse by putting the country in more debt. I assume it is just driving inflation up as well…

  7. For everyone that does not think a second stimulus is a good idea…Please send the check back uncashed!

  8. looking for work1 says:

    I think that a second stimulus check is a great idea as I am a single mother who has been unable to find a job for the past six months. My family has barely kept our heads above water and the proposed 1000 dollar stimulus will go a long ways towards helping pay off utiity bills and buying food for our home. There are many people just like me out there who want to go to work in a time where there is none. we need the help

  9. sadie stokes says:

    a second stimulus would come in handy right now. with everything being so high and no layways at any store except for kmart for your child chriistmas. if i get a check in my hand i will shout thank you jesus. the americans need one right now.

  10. When you are on one income, taking care of three children and taking care of a ailing mother full-time,a second stimulus check is very welcomed. It may not help our deficit to decrease, but it will provide money for necesities that most households are desperately needing at this time. Just look at our unemployment rates; they are in all time high. If you are okay, more power to you. But most of us are truly struggling to pay for rent, food, healthcare and so forth.

  11. i cant believe it so many cold hearted people that have so much money that they feel another check would not help it would the single mom or dad or the elderly the students that pays 200 dollars for a school book and has to were fifteen dollar shoes. Come on with the games people we need all the help we can get and if your not effected by this crisis get ready cause you may be alone when it does.pray

  12. i think oboma should give another check it would proubly give ower eccomy a buest up so i think oboma should give a check to every one becus the prices of stuff now days are high and not relly gitting verry mutch lower so i think oboma should give a nother check to the people

  13. I think it would be a good idea if the check is send out before chritmas,because there are alot of families without any money to buy the kids chritmas presents, I think for that reason is a good idea.

  14. yes, I think the gov should give everyone $25,000. that would get about everyone out of debt in the usa especially ones who don,t have a car or small charge debts. If they really want to help that,s my suggestion, and they could do it, instead of giving $500. or $1000. that will only make a house payment or food. If there going to give us something to help why not try to get us out of debt and put it back into the economy. I know this will not happen because it makes sense, because this would work. Instead of throwing the poor peanuts why not throw them something that would really help. After all usa is suppose to be the home of opportunity, so give us more to give us that opportunity. God Bless us poor Americans!!!


  16. carol crowson says:

    I think that all these oil companies should be taxed for this as they are the ones who made the gas so high and made so much off us. As well as interest do go way back down to what they are talking about to 2.00 or 1.50 then the home owners who are now paying 2400.00 for their 400,000 will have about 850.00 payment. This would keep foreclosure and hopefuly start building the home industry back up. The oil companies definitely should have to pay all these bail out taxes in my opinion.

  17. denise fuson says:

    A second check might, just might keep a few retailers from the fate of Circuit City by boosting holiday sales enough to keep them afloat.

    I definitely will be cutting back on my holiday spending, and would welcome a bit of relief.

    I say it’s much better use of the money than the bailout, which will ultimately help people who weren’t fiscally responsible in the first place by buying homes they could not afford.

  18. I think the oil companies need to be taxed on their profits for the past year and that money should be divided among all of us Americans. Thus, it might put back some of the money they have taken from me and my children. As for the stimulus check I am very much for it.

  19. Do you not think that are many, many americans who are in desperate need of this stimulus check. The unemployment rate in georgia alone is currently 12%. The fact that you appear to be financially well off, does not mean the rest of us are. Evidently you are a republican.

  20. This is for you Grey.

  21. Cindy:

    The only problem with taxing the oil companies is that who do you think they are going to pass the increased taxes onto? Think logically now… they will pass them on to US! The price of gas is finally going down, down over a dollar a gallon in my area (DC) and the second to tax those gas companies, you can expect it to go right back up. In theory its a good idea but we would end up being the ones biting the bullet!

  22. And I am a democrat but agree with Denise… people who bought those homes SHOULDN”T have bought them. There is a reason I don’t currently own a house and its b/c I woudl be spending more then 30% of my income on Mortgage. Although I don’t agree we should make everybody homeless for a bad decision… I do have to agree with her and say people need to EDUCATE themselves before making such a LARGE investment!

  23. Jacqueline johnson says:

    when will we get this stimulus check and how much

  24. Coretta Smith says:

    will we get it before christmas let us PRAY!!!!!

  25. Coretta Smith says:

    just because u got it like that don’t mean everybody got it like that fool!!!!!!!

  26. I think that the second check will those that need help. I speaking of the mom or dad or student that has to work two jobs just so that wont drown with all the things that is going on. For those commenting that the second check will be a mistake then we all no that they dont know what it is to miss-a-meal or to have kids crying their self to sleep because they are hungry or afraid of the dark because u did not have the money to pay your light bill. We have paid taxes faithfully and even when the gas company cheated us out of all that gas with prices we still got gas it is about time that somebody started giving back to us so if u think the check is a bad ideal please dont take part in it give it to someone that really needs it because you really dont and if not that when it gets to your account please send it back and dont spend it! But for those who need and are putting God first keep the faith the bible clearly states the wealth is laid up for the rightoues. God Bless you

  27. carol crowson says:

    Well the way I look at it, they only started going down right before the election. Makes me wonder that the republicans were trying to get brownie points. Where I live here in Tn. gas has dropped to 1.69 a gal. They can’t blame it on low demand. Where i live is right off the interstate 40 and it is as busy as it was before when gas was high. Bush and them made killings off this stuff. We have to pay and all the glory they made. Can’t blame it on a hurricane cause none of them messed up one. We didn’t have a hurricane last year so they can’t start blaming it on one last year. Sure people should n’t have gotten more than they could afford but jobs in the last 2-3 years is what has caused alot of people to miss payments. I’d rather see people be able to keep their homes and drop the rates down to an all time low so they can stay in them.

  28. carol crowson says:

    No Chelly I am not well off either. I am democrate and voted that way all the way. I am a single parent raising 2 boys without any help from the dad who is now dead. I AM for the stimulus check and could really use it too so I can at least go to Ms. and see my 2 grandchildren. But the oil companies made so much that it is unreal and they should pay for these bailouts. If interest rated do go way down maybe it will keep some of the guys in their homes. By the way I live in a 16 x 80 trailer so no i am not wealthy. Hope we get this check before Christmas too. Merry Christmas.

  29. I think we need another stimulus check. I have already informed my family there will be no presents under our tree this year. We are already as behind as we can take. Christmas will just push us over the end. I love Christmas and hurt because of this…but I work for the state and am not sure about my job.
    In response about the housing problem. Some of the people who have lost their homes and need help are those who have lost their jobs. Not everyone got a loan above their means. Look at the unemployment rate. When you figure how many have lost jobs and how many have lost their home…it is a good percentage. I don’t know what will happen to this country but I am personally really scared. No a check isn’t going to fix things…but it might help.

  30. carol crowson says:

    I agree with you. The job industry had alot to do with the house industry. Glad you brought that up.

  31. In addition to helping people in need, another stimulus check is intended to help the economy. It is a great idea to get it out before Christmas because people will be more tempted to spend it right away, thus dumping money back into our economy. More money going into the economy benefits everyone. For everyone that thinks this is to help out those in need, you are only partially correct. That is a nice result, but the real purpose is to help stimulate our economy and bring it back to life. I also agree that people shouldn’t have gotten themselves in trouble in the first place by borrowing more money than they can afford to pay back, but those mistakes are done and over with. So now lets do something to fix it. Put out another stimulus check asap.

  32. oh there should definitely be another stimulus check, I am all for it… but lowering interest rates at this point will just cause more layoffs… chase already laid of 10,000, if the financial institutions lower their rates even more, it will result in more lay offs.

    And the countries unemployment rate is below 10% and foreclosure rate is MUCH higher. So its NOT only those who lost their jobs going into foreclosure. When I got approved for a $300,000 loan i was educated enough to KNOW i couldn’t afford that when I only make $50,000 a year… lots of people just dove right into ARM rates without even thinking about the consequences… its graet to be a homeowner (which Ia m not yet) but you have to EDUCATE yourself before you take out a loan thats that MUCH money!

  33. and in THEORY it would be GREAT to have the gas companies pay for these stimulus checks via taxes… but in REALITY we all should know its not gonna happen, not with Bush, not with Obama or any other politician. If they tax the gas companies you better bet our gas prices are going to start climbing again to help protect their billions in profits…

  34. I think we should get the stimulus pay, before the world ends, bush is trying to make a great exit for himself before he leaves office giving us a peanut and lowering the gas, it will go up as soon as he leaves—Thank God. he,s leaving. But if there going to give us some money why not enough to help, they have it, fat cats are pocking it give it to the ones who are suffering in this outrageous economy. Cheer up sounds like your doing okay for yourself financially, not all are so lucky. merry poor christmas, and a happy skinny turkey thanksgiving.lol

  35. Hey! Right now all the average people need a bailout plan too. It may not work but why leave the poor out! Why couldn’t the government pay off the mortagages for the people that are in forclosure and then take their tax checks at the end of the year and whatever they were behind have a set amount withdrawn from everypay to cover the amount the tax return doesn’t cover. This way the banks would get their $$$ the homeowner would have a home and still have to pay the debt and the government would actually be helping the average joe and all that earned income credit would be reversed back to them. Of course there would have to be guidelines because everyone with a mortgage would go into foreclosure!

  36. let’s talk MORTGAGE! Here’s a round a bout

    The Realitor – Wants his commission – pushes to sell a house at an ungodly amount – they all do it – all the houses are over priced I don’t care who says they are……….

    The Bank – Wants more than ever to make all that interest off of you and is thrilled to have less than perfect credit buyers – they welcome them – then after they have earned several thousands of interest back they sell your loan out to a mortgage lender – so they lost nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Mortgage lender – inspects every inch of the contract and if they find 1 flaw or hole they raise your payment to the most they can raise it to and as often as they can……….

    So, tell me who is the stimulus for and it’s not all the owners fault…..GREED

  37. Have the stated exactly when we will get the second round of stimulus checks and if so how much will it be.

  38. hello everyone, I personally think this could really help alot of people, but only if the money were to be used wisely such as only buying products made here in the usa. i know there isnt much made in the us, thanks the clinton administration.AS FAR AS TAXING THE GAS & OIL COMPANIES THIS WOULD PROBABLY NEVER WORK AS THEY HAVE THERE HANDS RIGHT UP OUR GOVERNMENTS BEHIND SQEEZING MONEY out the back door.i am a democrat and own a 45,000 home i agree with some of you people that alot of people overextended their credit that is really theyre own fault not the nations to bail them out.its all about making decisions wisely and looking to the future,young people want it all at once today rather than working a few odd years such as our grandparents had to do,wealth is not measured by monetary possessions in my opinion it is measured by how we achieve them.people like carol crowson are the people who should be proud as a lot of you should also be proud.

  39. Chelly,

    I’m a proud Democrat and single mother of three. I won’t lie, I could certainly use the money! That doesn’t mean I can’t believe that the country should be a little more fiscally responsible. How successful were the last checks at “stimulating” the econonmy?

    I’m simply ware that it’s just another expense that we are passing on to our children. Frankly, I’d like to leave them a little something better. Yes, I’ve had to cinch my belt much tighter. I think we all need to… and I don’t think we should hold ourselves dependent on a taxpayer-funded check.

  40. carol crowson says:

    I agree with you. This would help me out too. I have grandchildren out of state and this would alow me to go see them for Christmas plus getting something halfway decent for my boys for Christmas. Hope we get it sooner than soon.

  41. Although I do believe it’s a bad idea to place ourselves in more debt I feel that Congress and our leaders should have been worrying more about the nation as a whole and not their own personal bank accounts, maybe then we wouldn’t have gotten into such a state. That being said, my family and I could really use a second stimulus payment, especially before the holidays! The whole thing makes sense. Why did the last one come out in the middle of the year? There are no nationwide events occuring at that time that would want to make Americans go out and buy needlessly… instead we were busy playing catch up and paying our bills. However, if they sent one out closer to the holidays (especially before black Friday) we would be more tempted to use this money for presents and thus… putting it back into the economy… can you say STIMULATING? Duh… it just makes sense… Bush is a moron.

  42. I want the stimulus check! If people aren’t doing what they need to financially nothing is going to help them anyway. But for the hard workers that are trying to make ends meet and attending college full time someone giving a $1 is appreciated!

  43. I don’t think Chelly is saying be dependent a the check, I feel she is saying “WE” the middle class deserve a check and of course the poor, i don’t think it would help because it will be so small, if we got the $1000.00, i could only pay one car note and buy groceries, my car note is $475.00 and I have two mortages one $686.00 and the other $1500.00 i agree with the person who said give us at least $25,000 for each family I could pay off the car and that would help a great deal

  44. I’m all for stimulating the economy. I’m no economist-just a divorced middle school teacher with three kids at home-but I think the best stimulus would be for Congress to authorize payment of taxpayers’ debts (maximum $15,000). This would satisfy the banks because their defaulted loans would be paid off instead of charged off AND I (that is, we taxpayers) could start spending our own hard-earned money again instead of watching it all go toward paying our living expenses and debts!!!

  45. i agree,, if you think its not a good idea, then send it back!!! me, on the other hand, would welcome it with open hearts, because in my house there will NOT be a christmas without it, SAVE IT ,, thats funny!! with four kids and unemployment out!! please GOD help us!! obama will figure this all out!! it sure cant be any worse than what bush has done,, he is leaving a huge mess behind!!

  46. If you give a stimulas check before christmas it would be spent and I would think that would help boost the economy. If they wait until after christmas it might not get spent the way they are wanting too. So, please give it to us before christmas. Help all those poor little kids out there who still belive in santa clause.

  47. I am a single mother of 5 children under the age of 10. Their father does not help in anyway. I work full-time and am enrolled in a school of nursing full-time. For any idiots that think that another stimulus check won’t help, you tell that to your kids if you were in my position and they woke up Christmas morning to no tree, or food, or presents.

  48. I think that the stimulus amount needs to be a great deal more than $1000 for families. If they put the money into the taxpayers hands instead of these huge companies it would have a greater impact. The large companies are hurting b/c the average taxpayer doesn’t have the money to spend since life has gotten a lot more expensive the past year with gas, groceries, etc. A lot of people live so close to their income ceiling that they don’t have extra money to go spend on anything but the bills they have. If we were to get $100,000 per family the economy would greatly get jumpstarted from that. I think most of us would pay off bad debt, such as loans and even most would then spend that money. This would put a lot more money into the economy.

  49. AMEN! Those people against a second stimulus must not need the money. I think it would boost the economy if the amount was big enough. I do not think $500.00 or $1000.00 will do much at all. I think every taxpayer should get $5000.00. SHOW US THE MONEY! We have certainly paid into this crazy tax structure!

  50. Wishful thinking for more than than the 1000.00 but would like to see as much as possible and yes they definitely need to get it out before Christmas. Can’t see it happening though. I still say the oil companies should be taxed for this and no more to wall street bail out. They SHOULD be sending it to us then we can know where out money is going to go to. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.

  51. I am torn, I tradtionally have been a republican in the past yet i voted for Obama. For the first time I have felt the hardships of real people. My views say to me that I dont believe in handouts or welfare, yet because this has affected me and my family it overhides
    what I had tradtionally thought. My survival and my families well being are more important to me then any other aspect of life. I would have been ashamed to say before that I am for the 1st or 2nd round of checks, but no more. We on a whole really need it. For everybody who thinks that the people with the money are cold hearted, Don’t. They really have no idea that it’s hard for normal people, I know that i didn’t. Gas, milk, and day to day items are really needed. We need these checks

  52. lol,

    the stimulus check helped me the first time around. I did some home improvement, with them. It wasnt until gas soared to almost 4 dollars a gallon, along with basic commodities by 20% that I felt the crunch. I recently fell 1 and 1/2 months behind on my mortgage payment. Ive made every payment either early or ontime for 5 yrs. Now ive had to defer those payments. Thankfully, my mortgage company was very understanding. I and my wife work 45 minutes away in Knoxville, and nearly 4 dollars a gallon gas in two vehicles had my fuel expense at well over 1k a week. Now that gas prices are finally receding, Im starting to finally feel like i might have a grip on my finances again. Fortunately my wife and i have been able to retain our employment as so many have not. Three major employers of over 10k of employees have shut down, due to the economy. So I count my blessings. But, I know those people as well as myself could use that stimulus money. Heres the deal, its money that doesnt exist. So giving it away hurts nothing. A trillion dollar deficit that grows by billions everyday is NEVER going to be fixed. It will only balloon as it has always done. Capitalism is a psychological ideology. It logically does not make sense, it could be relatively compared to a pyramid scheme. It only works as long as everyone believes it does. Debt exists but is constantly transferred, so it is not truly felt until the system breaks down. So as long as people continue to spend money, the system works. The moment people stop spending, the moment it stops working. When products are not being consumed, jobs are lost. When revenue is not being earned, prices go up. So keep that in mind when you say throwing money at it the problem wont fix it. Technically according to capitalism it will. It has to do with timing, and whether or not people will actually spend it.

  53. I am beginning to think we ought to have recieved the 700 billion bail out instead of Wall Street. Then we could have spent it in the way WE choose. We would have spent it on things other than Cooperate jets and dinning rooms for the CEOs. (I could have fixed a really nice dinning room for my ceo’s, my kids,haha) If they don’t get this stimulus check out before Christmas it is going to really hurt alot of business. This is the biggest spending time of the year. The gas and oil companies should be taxed for this this is why things are in such a mess. When the gas went up everything went up. They are the bail out ticket. Who will tax wall street on the 700 billion bailout? I don’t want my money to help them. DO you?

  54. john smith investment broker says:

    i think its good to give something back to the tax payers. you would be a **** fool not to want the goverment to help i would expect a rick man to say no but the best thing for us hard working americans who have lost so much is to say yes just like we said yes to obama and yes to change. note i am a white male i make over 250,000 dollars a year and i would not mind it if the goverment took some of my money and spread it out to help build america and help the people in it signed a mad white man (help the people its your last chance)

  55. john smith investment broker says:

    amen Sylvia thats right only a fool would say no to checks

  56. I am in agreement with getting the stimulus check for i have lost my job and i need it to help with christmas. because without it my kids will have no christmas.

  57. we definitely need this before Christmas. SO many places here have closed down such as Circuit City and Best Buy. Ain’t no telling who will be next. I have 2 boys and 2 grandchildren. Would love to get someting nice.

  58. I heard the second stimulus check was going to be 100,000 per tax payer is this true? IF each tax payer recieved that much they could pay the banks for their morgages, car notes, loans, and be out of debt and then put money into the economy which would help retailers. They could use some of the bailout money for the tax payers instead of bailing out all these banks and companies they would all get their money that way and the economy would be on a fresh start.

  59. I agree that they should send out another check before the holidays even if it is only a couple hundred dollars . I have two little girls who have no idea what is going on with the economy or what it manys when mommy tells them she has no money to get them what they want….Please send that second check we need it ….

  60. I wished it was 100,000. I could invest in my home and futher my education. Even half that or less would help. Maybe our retailers want go out of business. This would be better than the lottery. We could invest ourselfs in the economy. This should be without delay. I am a motorcycle rider and have helped with numerous toy rides and benefits to help the needy. All you other guys here have helped too. It is time for you to recieve help as well. I believe that a child you help today will help you tomorrow.

  61. 500-1000 dollars? This is supposed to really “jolt” the economy back into a functioning state? Add another zero to it and only issue it to TAX PAYERS who make under 60000 and I think it would have more benefit.

  62. I agree with you. I think tax payers should recieve these revenues. I am one who could it. The extra 0’s would help to. Sure hope we see this before Christmas as alot of busineses are closing down cause of the economy.

  63. ga_gurl_87 says:


  64. I agree with everyone that is in favor of a second stimulus check.I really think it would help those that are responsible.like some said lowering intrest rates would help the economy but at the same increase layoff.For those that believe in the lord jesus christ you would look at being laid off as a blessing another door is about to open up for you.We have to stop sitting around waiting for handouts and go get what god has put out there for you.Maybe it times for some of us to invest in our own bussiness.stop being afraid what is your call.have faith bacause faith and prayer concouers all.by the way if I must say i’m married with two kids don’t own a home me and my spouse have jobs and we are still struggling so don’t judge….continue to pray

  65. Looks to me like we will not get it before Christmas. Too bad it would help all the retailers out there. Has anyony heard anyting about getting one

  66. Well, either give the taxpayers some money to help make it thru a couple of more months or government will be supporting families that wind up on welfare. Either way, they are going to have to spend it. Help those that work and support kids whether single or married to keep pride until this difficult period winds down. “Want to lose a nickel now or a dime later”?

  67. Well…..if they’re gonna give out another round of stimulus checks..I’m hoping they give
    at least $1,000.00 to individuals and $1,500.00
    to families…because frankly $500.00-$600.00
    is nothing. If I recieve only 500.00- 600.00
    it’s going toward bills…if I recieve 1,000.00
    I can pay bills and shop too.

  68. I think the money will help the people in dire need that have been struggling for quite sometime. It will relay an outcome, but give hope to hard working families while Obama works on building our economy back up.

  69. I think giving the American people $500-$1,000 is a slap in our faces. They bail out wall street and now want to bail out the auto industry(PATHETIC). They ought to be giving the American people 100,000 each to bail out themselves and get rid of their own debt first.

  70. yeah! what Darcy said!!!

  71. I believe the people who believe that a stimulus check is a bad idea, are rich and don’t need it!!! Listen, just because your not sufferring from financial problems, don’t tell the rest of us that a rebate check won’t do any good. Those of you who do suggest this can’t see beyond your own nose at those who are suffering!

  72. hey if you’re gonna use it then don’t bullshit about it obviously its going to help you out in some way shape or form. If you wanna take the proper way to this situation yes it would be to put it in you’re savings to help you’reself out long term.

  73. yes yours check should be mailed Jan 12 09 and get in two bussiness days

    12-5-08 Thank you president bush

  74. Megan where did you hear that? and did you hear about ant $ amount.

  75. Personally, I think the second stimulus check would really come in handy for my family. I agree that the people who are saying “NO” to it, obviously must have money and don’t worry about where their families next meal is going to come from. My husband works for an automobile parts supplier and has been cut down to just 3 days a week. If these people that don’t want a second stimulus check is seriously okay with not getting anymore money, then maybe the rest of us that really need it should divide it amongst ourselves so that ours are bigger checks!!! What would help our economy is for the CEO’s and the “Big Dogs” of the White House to stop lining their pockets with gold!!! Take some pay cuts themselves and get over it. Everyone has to be humbled at some point in their lives and maybe this would be a good way for them to learn what its actually like to work for that that paycheck and for them to realize what people like ourselves are going through on a daily basis! As for the bailout plans for the auto industry and the homeowners and such, yeah, I agree its a good idea but settle on one amount needed for each of those and leave it at that. No more, no less. Make regulations to them getting those kind of loans! Banks do!!!!! And a note to Wall Street, you all would do good to take a big pay cut as well. Maybe being paid what my husband makes an hour or what the single mother of three that is struggling to put food on the table for her little ones is being paid, would show you a thing or two! You know, if less people were so greedy, things wouldn’t be so bad…oh, and another thing…the first economic checks didn’t work well because they intended for us to SPEND them..NOT put them in the bank or put it towards our bills!!! It was meant to be sunk back into the economy and most paid off credit cards or like a few I know, stuck it in the bank! SPEND it!!!! IT’S WHAT IT WAS FOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. I agree with you 100%. This is exactly what is going on.

  77. It doesn’t matter where this money is coming from. I take it as a blessing, because everybody that I know is really struggling pay check to paycheck. This check will help my family and many others. I am glad president obama and bush came to an agreement even though it was going to happen from our new president. He cares about family, our struggles, our problems, and our situations. At least president obama is trying the americans. Even though the economy is not going to get fixed over night, at least he showing a great effort to help somewhere. I think he is an angel sent from god because times are really hard for alot of people.
    Thank you President Obama for just caring.

  78. I think its awsome being its christmas time and we all need it.. It would hepl me out alot for my kids christmas!!!

  79. I still have not seen anything on the news or net about a 2nd check. I do not think it is not going to come anytime soon!!!

  80. Okay I agree with a 2nd package as iam hurting and with the prices of grocries and other things being so high it would defentily help but if they think its going to help wallstreet they are wrong because as with the last check people will pay off debt or save it for worse times.
    Now if they wanted to bail wallstreet out then they should have had a 2nd package out befor christmas, I could almost bet that 75% of the people who would have paid bills or saved they would have taken it and spent at least half on christmas to ensure a very good christmas for their family.

  81. wow I agree with you 100% I also feel the only way a 2nd check would help wallstreet would have been to have it out befor christmas knowing that most would spend at least half to ensure a good christmas for thier kids.

  82. okay I have to ask Megan where did you get that from I have not seen anything on the news and if this is untrue or mis understood you will be getting alot of peoples hopes up that really need this

  83. I asked her the same thing and got no answer I have also searched the web long and hard and I can not find anything about getting a second check. I wish they would!!

  84. Megan is just trying to stir things up. Nothing is set, and it may not even happen.
    I say bring it on, the sooner we spend our way to the bottom and the economy fails completely, the sooner the revolution can start!

  85. Thanks I really researched also and couldnt find a thing about it I figured it was false information

  86. Thanks AWC for the resonse I figured it wasnt true but I didnt just want to straight out call someone a liar.

  87. I agree with all of you, but I think all these ceo’s who have made millions and oil companies should be held accountable to the pay back and not us. These stimulus checks should have done been out and before Christmas so the businesses maybe want go under. I also think that we should get the 700 billion bailout and not Wall street. I think we could have spent it in a better way and gotten the economh bak on track. All the wall street will do is spend it on things like coperate jets and ceo dinning rooms. Come on get real, My spending would be my house, fixing it up and etc. that would be like what yall would do and this would definitely help the economy out. By the way with the gas droping to here 1.41, should have been there along, will help as well. It has me. And bring jobs back to the United states will help as well.

  88. la@live.com says:

    Wow! We are funny! Americans deserve a 2nd chance! God help your children! Everyone’s crazy!

  89. I know we deserve another chance. But it does piss you off when all these other ceo’s get all this money when jobs are being lost everywhere. They don’t need the bail out when they are getting all this money to KEEP their jobs. It does get iritating. If jobs aren’t brought back to the United States it is going to be useless to do another a stimulus check, and I do agree we need this check. But without jobs it is going to go right back where we started. I feel sorry for Obama having to deal with this mess up.


  91. I think they should do another stimulus check, and I think congress should take a pay cut to assist with that. They are the most overpaid, underworked people that I’ve EVER seen!

  92. I do agree with all of you. I guess we are going to have to be patient now and wait till Obama gets into office and try to support him all we can. I do hope each and everyone of you out there have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year and just think about when he gets into office we should be getting the stimulus check. Just add it to your income tax credit pay and this will make it even better. Also all you don’t know but interest rates are down to about 4.75 and may be lower by now. So if you guys can try to get out there and get you an FHA loan so you will and can get a good deal on a house as well as interest rates.

  93. Speaking Out Loud says:

    This is just a thought. With there being so many people already on public assistance, that the government is paying billions of bollars to support, along with the recent people added to that list from job loss.

    What if, the government could create a short-term plan with retailers that already use the EBT system. Allowing foodstamp recipients to purchase goods other then food. Thus, utilizing the billions of dollars that is already in circulation. I think this would be something that could stimulate the economy.
    Eliminating the need to pump out more money, which would only be adding to the deficit.

  94. Thats what I have been saying, I mean how far does $300 or $600 really go? I am sure thats about the price some of these politicians pay for a pair of shoes!

  95. Have you guys listen. The guy from the Wall street got busted. When we stop the Iraq war with the 10 million’s a day we spend over there we will be paying our on bail out. Then the 700 billion bailout should be given to us to spend we would’t take long for use to get us out ourselves. The ceo’s have done enough damage. We need to get this into our own pockets instead of going into theirs.

  96. You know if you guys are wondering where the money would come from, when we get out of this war we will be saving millions a day like 10 million a day and with that much it will add up in no time and pay off this bail out. Just look what has happened at wall street that guy that recieved this money has embellzed so much that it is unreal..That is why we should have gotten the money and not them. At least we would be spending it on what is needed. We need the money not ceo’s of cooperations. They don’t know hoow hard it is to be poor. THey already had millions before they got this bail out. Going to the GMC & Ford, Harley Davidson, & Crysler donated to the 911 world trade center. Millions of dollars plus vehicles and motorcycles. They need the bail out. Honda and Toyota donated not one dime.

  97. Obama’s opinion of the first stimulus check was that it was too small of an amount and that it should have been significantly more. According to this article, the check will be even less than before. Not that I’d turn down the extra money, but I don’t think $500 is going to help stimulate the economy. If you’re wise, you’ll pay down a credit card and/or put the money in the bank, because it’s going to be a long haul to get our economy back to where it use to be.

  98. Donna Merritt says:

    People is always making a problem when it comes to minorities getting money. Everybody is trying and make it better out here, but these are very difficult times, and any kind of money being giving I accept, because either way it is gone to benefit your pocket. Stop crying nation especially you selfish rich folks, leave us alone or help someone.

  99. i think we the people deserve another stimulas check. but i think it should be more than $1000.00.
    with the wall street bail out and the big 3.
    well i don’t know about you all but i need bailed out too. you know with what our gov. is spending on bail out, EACH working tax paying HOUSEHOLD COULD RECIEVE AT THE LEAST $16,000.00

  100. think about it says:

    instead of bailing out all these companys they should give the american working people $100,000.00 because its the american people who will bring back this economy but just give it to the people that are working

  101. I think we do deserve another stimulas check.
    and it should be enought for families to live a good time off of the second stimulas check and we really need the check .

  102. If you are one of the many people who feel negative about the checks that have been issued and the checks that probably will be issued in January do me a faveor, return them UNCASHED!!!!!!!

  103. It would be so great for our government to give us at least $ 10,000 dolars per person that would help more than a a $500.00 to 1000,oo dollars I know it would help me. The first check paid only one bill and still did’nt pay off. There are so many people that are laid off or are waiting tobe laid off what kind of life is that waiting to loose your job go into debt eigther commit suicide or get hooked on drugs all because the government thats suppose to serve the people serves only its self. Sometimes im ashamed tobe an american.

  104. @gbailey – It sounds to me like you’re in need of a history lesson on what it means to be an American.

    I certainly wouldn’t be proud of an America that has everyone living off of the Government.

    That’s kinda why we left England all those year’s ago. 😉

  105. We will end up paying all that money back and more in inflation on food, gas, clothing..bad trade for us and for future generations to come..If we weren’t so into protectionism for a globalization, we wouldn’t be in this mess..time for some protectionism at home!
    They are just giving you with one hand and taking with another..


  107. I agree to those that feel they dont need these funds needs to send back there checks uncashed and as for homeowners your not the only one in this world that suffers

  108. Im bit confused thier is a lot of talking going on about the 2nd stimulus check so I was hoping someone could clear this bit of info I recived up for me I was told today that the 2nd stimulus wasnt for us as indiviuala and famlies that it was for bussiness does anyome know if this true?

  109. I think that everyone just needs to shut up and let this all happen… it will pass just like the last time… you have to give it time, if your not tough enough to pull through then u don’t deserve to live in this country.

  110. Unfortunately no second rebate check in 2009, rather it is relatively small tax breaks (designed to win republican support).

  111. Did any of you guys listen to 60 minutes last Sunday night? I was right when they told that Morgan and Stanley who are with the wall street and did make billions off the oil companies. THey also got some of the 700 billions bail out. Also that idiot Madoff who got some of the billions of the bail out, look what he did. Took off and tried to run with it. If we don’t start speaking out to our representatives we won’t ever see day light. And to whoever said that the oil companies shouldn’t be taxed. Well they should and to the max.

  112. Yes a second check would help and yes it should be more then the last. But for you people who believe that only working people should receive it should really think and yes I am a working person. Everyone who is not working is not lazy or sorry, alot of people have been laid off due the economy and can not find new jobs due to people not hiring also due to the economy, I know in the small town I live in there is no job openings unless you want to make minimum wage or drive 1-2 hours each way to work. And minimum wage – daycare- gas- bills= nothing if you are single and have even 1 kid. So needless to say everyone but the rich who don’t need money should get a check.

  113. Did sell your vote on hopes, and dreams of a stimulus check? says:

    Did sell your vote for a possible $1000 stimulus check?

  114. gary kimball says:

    People with money seem to forget about tose with out it. I and my wife are both 60 and disabled and unable to work, this is not because we do not want to, but we are unable to work. And there are people that have the NERVE to say we don’t need another check, I live in Maine in northern Maineand fuel oil takes about 50% of our income just to stay from frezzing to death, we have many days and nights where it gets well below zero.You people that don’t want the checks send them to people living on nothing, and wondering how they can survive, payin lighs,oil, gas, food, cloths.I defie anyone that wants them not to give out another check to come live in my shoes for 1 month, you soon will be at the top of the list asking for the check. There are people that live in northern states that will die this winter from frezzing or starving, How can you cal your self human knowing that you are helping kill them

  115. This bail out crapp has gone over the edge by putting it into the wrong hands. I still agree that the people should be have some of this since we will be the ones who will pay the taxes on it. The Wall Street CEO’s have gone nutts with this. I agree that 1000’s isn’t much but just for a short time. Needless to say I will accept it if it comes my way. I have NEVER seen Americans struggle like we are having to do now. Just you guys keep praying that Obama is doing what is right and I do think he is. I am like you I am impatient and want things to hurry up. But with what Bush did it WILL take a while to get back to order. I was so glad to see him get on that airplane and leave the White House on inauguation day I don’t know what to do. Thank God and Greyhound he is gone. Or our airplane he is gone.

  116. I really think that there should be a second check. Right now the Economy sucks. When you live on a fixed income it is really hard to pay for everything. Especially food,gas,mortgage,etc. I think the government should bail the people out instead of what they are doing. The second check could be like $10,000 per family. Maybe that would help us get creditors off of our backs.

  117. i think we should get a second check . it is hard, when your spouse is layed off due to lack of work an no one else is hiring ,to make ends meet .the extra money would help out sooo much

  118. Christine says:

    I hope that only the working people get the stimulus check because we are the ones that deserve checks. There has been days I went to work with an ear infection that would hurt but I went to work anyway.

  119. Christine says:

    I think that yall deserve a second stimulus check because your husband worked last year and it wasn’t his fault he was laid off. Don’t give up on hope of him finding another job. Just brush this off and get the I can do attitude and start off fresh.

  120. For Gary Kimball says:

    i have an idea… move to florida like the rest of the old ppl. i hear its nice there this time of year

  121. Why do people continue to think that the government should bail them out of their credit cards or high mortgage payments?! Why should my taxes contribute to someone’s lack of fiscal responsibility? What has happened to America?

  122. Seriously? Then leave.

  123. My first disagrerement with your question is they are not just your taxes millions of people counting on a 2nd package have paid in just as much taxes as you have so dont you feel they deserve the help they feel they need. Secondly you ask what Amercia has come to well I think it is where it is sopoused to be at the world needs help so someone should try to help rather it be the goverment or not I believe that Amercica needs to stand together lend a helping hand in times like these and if you dont then I’m sorry there will come a day if not already that you ahve to turn to te goverment for some sort of help

  124. I think that a stimulus payment could benefit if they gave a substancial amount. Giving a thousand here and there isnt helping anyone get out of debt. I agree with the 10,000 dollar idea.. That would help people get ahead and by us some time to find employment and get back on our feet again.. But i dont see that happening its almost like they want us all to starve so we have no choice but to follow them in whatever they want to do like a brainless heard of sheep.

  125. The stimulus check will only work if it is in an economic package that requires the financial industry to loosen the purse-strings, open the credit market some, and reimburse tax payers for their billion-dollar bonuses and multi-million dollar Christmas parties, as current bills propose. Giving us a check for a few hundred bucks may shut some of us up (not me) but it won’t solve the problems surrounding why I need the check in the first place.
    The idea of going after the oil industry seems fitting to me as they are STILL posting record profits (that’s right, PROFITS, not gross revenue) as recently as the 3rd quarter last year. Obviously something is amiss in that sector if they post profits as they have while the rest of the economy plummets to a fiery, fuel-soaked death.

  126. I agree that the stimulus should be more than the planned. What we need to do is write the white house on this. If they hadn’t given this to Wall Street for their ceo’s and put at least 100,000. in the tax payers hands then this would have helped to a point where homes would be saved and autos would be bought then this would stimulated the economy where we would be bailing our selves out. They are giving 7500.00 to those who bought a house in 2008 as an interest free loan payable back in 7 years. This can be paid back when you file your taxes each year, not bad and they are even considering raising it to 15,000. So this would be nice to get for us as well. This would catch up and pay alot of debt off where we would have invested in the economy ourselves. As for the oil industries I agree with you. They have made so much and continue to do so. So you guys write congress, I have and let them know how you feel.

  127. That’s the problem. The government want us to spend, but we’ve got a recession so nobody feels confident enough to actually do it. Those who are in debt will just pay off debt and those who aren’t will put the money somewhere safe.

  128. a 2nd stimulus check is a great idea…im a family man and can use it to help fix tha car pay some bills get medical or dental procedures done etc…who ever thinks its a bad idea is a “fool”…tha government and its crooked politicians are constantly robbing us blind of our hard earned tax dollars…bailing out special interest groups etc…we need help and honestly what is being given to us are tha “crumbs” of what was once a big piece of apple pie ala mode…wake up America “We tha people”…remember?

  129. The irony of someone who cannot spell the word “the” calling someone else a fool is funny.

  130. I agree with StLSteve!

  131. Not being able to spell and being a fool are far from the same thing! I myself am not a strong speller, Yet I do very well in math/science. I can program a computer and wright programs for computers. I have been to collage and can pick from working from home or getting a normal job, I am only 25 and have more then a 100G in the bank to play with.. Yet I can not spell all that well. So what I find funny is when people like you seem to pick a persons worth and/or think of people as not smart due to the fact the got one word wrong..

    And better yet, You have nothing to say about what the real question is or what the post is about, So you have not put forth any answer, Just looking to put others down?

  132. gokusayin says:

    I agree with James. Just because you spelled one word wrong does not mean that the person that spelled it wrong is dumb. Maybe, street slang. The person that is critizing that is probably mad that something happened that day; wife cheated on him, lost his car keys at the mistress or something like that nature, decides to take it out on someone else. Keep it at home. That just goes to show how ignorant you are, douche bag!

    Now, the people that said the second stimulus check will not work, probably still has a job, rich or just is a hater. Hey, that’s how you just roll. Now, for the people that needs it….This will help tremendously due to the economy being Bush wacked. Do anyone remember how iy felt to know your lights getting shut off feels like? Your infant crying cause it’s cold and there’s no milk. Cany really get help from your family cause they too are in the same shoe. Or, because you are poor and they want nothing to do with you. Shameful. Or your landlord telling you to move cause you 2 months behind in rent? Kids crying, cause there is no food? Come on!!!!!!!! This is America. What spending millions to trillions in a war that should of been done a long time ago is worth it? Hmmmm…how many died? Tell me?!!!!!!! I know….let us give the bank the bailout, while or people lose houses, jobs and wait… to make that better, let us raise the price of goods up. It will make the economy that much better.

    Hey…who am i to say. I’m just a dumb father with 4 kids with no job. Thank you.

  133. gokusayin – If you can’t feed your baby and keep the electricity on TURN THE DAMN INTERNET SERVICE OFF! Internet is not a right, it’s a privilege to be enjoyed AFTER your child is fed and the electric bill is paid. Why do you people think you’re entitled to things you don’t work for? Why do you think you deserve a handout? Get a job and provide for your family.

  134. gokusayin says:

    I am not speaking of now; I am speaking about the past. The past of how we all went through hard times, yet, as soon we are better, we forget about how hard it was. The we critize people about this and that. Now about me….I do have a job, but me, as not a full American, but has been here since I was 1; have seen many and hard felt things. Though, I rose from that and I still haven’t forgotten about the past, yet I go back and help people that are still there to learn and read English so that they too can achieve. Help them obtained jobs so they won’t depend on welfare. I was a thug that stole, cheat, sold things and been to Prison. Getting out was no walk in the park either. We all act as we have never done anything bad in our life. Casting stones at me for being an ex con. I couldn’t even work at MCDonald’s. Sad. Here I am..a Radiographer. Never even knew what that meant. So, before you go critzing people, think! That’s all I am asking. Don’t just go casting stones at people.

  135. I’m sorry. When someone writes, “….father with 4 kids and no job”, I take that for face value. As for criticizing you for being an ex con, I didn’t know you were an ex con. I didn’t cast stones at you, I simply replied to what you had written: “that you had 4 kids and no job.” I’m just tired of so many people thinking that because others have worked hard to achieve what they have, that they are entitled to it. Wouldn’t it frustrate you to give, without your consent and to someone you don’t know, a portion of what you have earned? I am all for charities. The difference is I am giving willingly to a cause where I know the funds will be handled appropriately and not being forced to contribute to someone or something I don’t believe in. That’s apart of being an American by having the freedom to choose where to put my money. The scary part of where I believe this country is heading is that freedom will be taken away and I won’t have a say in who or what my money goes to. My hard earned money will be ‘redistributed’ to others who feel they deserve a handout.

  136. gokusayin says:

    No hard feeling there mate. I just want people to understand that all in not fine and dandy as we all would like the world to be. I have those wishful thinkings also. Though, we have a long way to go. Now, I totally understand what you said about the contributions to different charity and what not. I too feel that the money should only go to those that actually needs it, instead of where it doesn’t. I get reallt fustrated when our hard earn dollars and cent goes to something that has no meaning at all. At the time economy outbreak that we have now, it should be invested, mind you, wisely; programs that help the woman and children first; food and shelter. Secondly, to the men and women out there that need jobs to take care of there families, which are our next generation that taking care and that will fight for our needs when we get old. Third, create resources that will not only support a certain race, age, sex or disabilities, but to create one for all that I have just mentioned. We are Americans and we have come a long way and we will continue to go that way for freedom and well being. We are looked at by foriegners and the ‘Land of the mountain of gold’ and if they see that we are not that kind of people, that we have not done our duties that our fore fathers and mothers have died and fought so hard to give. We are all just laughing and pissing on thier graves. No disrespect, just truth. So what can we do, help, help and help each other to stand back up and on our feet and get through this and our faces will be glowed with pride that says,”yeah, we did it as a nation. This is America!”

    kdrew97, please not offense was taken and I wish that there were more like you that are open minded. You are entitled to your opinion and speak the truth of what you shall preach. I am just glad that someone actually will speak it. I thank you also for your insights.

  137. If they are gonna waste more money on wishful thinking…might as well make me debt free while they are at it. As a matter of fact, make all Americans debt free. I mean, The bailout didn’t work nor did the stimulus package. So what are we doing again?