Results of a Week Without Spending

The “Week Without Spending” officially ended on Friday eve. Today I’m sharing the results of our little experiment. In case you missed it, last Monday I shared that Mrs. PT and I were doing a week without spending (Sunday though Friday) to help us stay on track with our saving and help reduce some of the clutter in the house and food in the cupboards. The only exception to the no spending rule was that if we earned extra money during the week we could use that as we pleased. So how’d we do?

Here are the actual results (in no particular order):

Beginning Balance$0
Craigslist Sales38
Consignment Shop10
PT's Return74
Mrs PT's Return16
PT's Tuesday Lunch(10)
Sunday Dinner(13)
Sunday Groceries(60)
Friday Dinner(3)
Christmas Cards(42)
BDay Card / Baby Clothes(7)
Ending Balance$3
  • I’d say it was a success! We actually made $3 at the end of the week.
  • The Christmas cards were a purchase we already had planned and due to a sale price ending during the week we decided to make the purchase this week rather than next. Excuses, excuses, I know.
  • The Craigslist sales and consignment shop money were quick money. As were the returns.
  • The dinner on Friday night was a feast at Boston Market. They were running a $1 dinner special.
  • We still have about $100 worth of items on Craigslist which hopefully will sell soon.

More thoughts about the week:

  • It wasn’t that hard to eat more meals from home, thanks to Mrs. PT creating some excellent meal choice for us throughout the week. This made the meals outside the home more special.
  • Making extra money to spend wasn’t that difficult. While there might not always be things to return on hand, there seems to always be something lying around that we could sell on Craigslist. We have a bunch of clutter.
  • The clothes consignment shop was easy money too. Although, the lady at the counter told me my styles (that didn’t sell) were “a bit dated.” I took that as a compliment and quickly dropped those items off at Goodwill.
  • It didn’t take much planning to prevent those impulse convenient items.
  • This is something we should do at least once a month. We really could use to do this sort of thing more often. Recently, we’d gotten lazy with our spending and we haven’t always made the conscious choice with our end goals in mind. This week helped us to be more aware about our spending and live more within our means.

So what do you think about our experiment results?

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  1. That’s really neat. Obviously it’s not that important whether you actually hit the goal or just came close to it. It sounds like you really had to keep an eye on your spending which is never a bad thing.

  2. Why not take the money you earned from sales and returns and put that to something else and truly have a no spending week? Then you would have had an ending balance of $138.00 instead of $3.00 By doing that or close to it every week you could add $500.00 or more to the bank or whatever goal you are looking to reach.