Quick Money Tips: Rental Market Trends for 2012

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In today’s edition, we look at the housing rental market—how it’s influencing our communities and what you need to keep in mind if you are renting a home for the first time…or any time.

Best Quick Money Tips

Home Rentals–The New American Dream? — “The foreclosure crisis will drive 3 million former homeowners to rent single-family homes between 2010 and 2015…That’s three of four homeowners who lose homes to foreclosure or other mortgage distress.” This article takes a look at the effect on both homeowners and renters.

Back in the Rental Market? Some Things to Know — If you are back in the market for a rental, especially if you’ve been owning for quite some time, it’s good to be reminded of a few things.

Pyramid Schemes vs. Multi-Level Marketing: My Personal Experience — Jason, from One Money Design, shares: “I think many people get confused between MLM and Pyramid Schemes and that’s an easy thing to do.” He clarifies the differences and similarities and offers his thoughts.

Why Your Portfolio Doesn’t Need Gold — Despite the wild ride gold has been on the past few years, this Wall Street Journal piece says “there isn’t a clear reason to invest in it.”

Community College: How to Choose the Right School — Just because your kid enrolls in a community college to save a little money up front, it doesn’t mean they’re going to get into their dream school–or even graduate.

More Quick Money Tips

3 Creative Ways to Uncover Local Job Openings — While stressing the importance of networking, this post also offers a few job search tools you might not have considered.

Side Hustle Series: I’m a Yoga Instructor — Looking for a way to bring in some extra cash and stay in shape at the same time. Pick up a few yoga gigs around town and you’re in business. This post shares the experience of a year part-time instructor.

How to Go Back to Work After You’ve Retired Already — Did you retire too soon? Were you forced to retire too soon? Or maybe you just feel like getting back into a job (i.e. the golf course isn’t satisfying). Here are some tips for you.

A LinkedIn Leak Lesson: Top 30 Dumb Passwords People Still Use — Not only is this an interesting piece in light of the LinkedIn password hack this week, it offers good tips for solidifying your passwords in general.

United Cancels Preboarding: Which Airlines Are Still Family Friendly? — This article includes a great chart detailing which airlines are more family friendly when considering traveling and buying plane tickets.

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