Quick Money Tips: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Is it time for you to start that new business?

Is it time for you to start that new business?

In today’s edition, we take a look at what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Everyone has something they are good at and can make money doing.

Many people even have an original idea with loads of potential.

The questions come when it is finally time to go ahead and do it.

There are always risks involved in starting your own business, but the reward can be great, too. Decide if you are ready to take that great idea that’s been rolling around in your head and put it to action.

Best Quick Money Tips

Unconventional Business Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs – These top online entrepreneurs, bloggers and writers answer lots of basic questions based on their experience and offer great advice if you’re looking to take the plunge.

Making Money: The Gilder – Leah Fishman started her own business as a gilder. Check out this video to see what being an entrepreneur looks like for her and the interesting work she gets to do everyday.

When It’s Time to Bring in a Pro – Sometimes we may have a great idea for a business, but we just don’t have the experience to execute it well. There are instances when you may need to bring in a professional from a different field to help with your venture.

How to Stay Motivated with Your Side Hustle – Often what begins as a side hustle can turn into your very own business. See what Money Life and More has to say about how to stay motivated and prevent burnout.

Vacation Time for Employees in the U.S. vs. Other Countries – Do You Need More Time Off? – This article takes a look at the amount of vacation that employees get and the correlation with productivity. You may be surprised by what was found; it may be time for that beach vacation with your cell phone turned off after all.

More Quick Money Tips

Which Part of the Money Wave do you Surf? – Mr. Money Mustache draws an interesting comparison between surfing and where one stands financially. There are three different ways to ride the waves. Read to see where you’re swimming.

How To Generate Passive Income So You Can Quit Working – With plenty of ways to earn passive income so you can eventually retire early, investing the money you generate will make retirement a reality even sooner.

How to Get Paid to Travel – Are you dreaming of a month long European vacation? Have you always wanted to spend the summer in East Asia? Find out how taking that vacation could actually earn you money.

11 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Cut College Debt Now – The amount of debt most college graduates incur is staggering. Consider these 11 ways to try and help them reduce that debt now.

Financial Goal for Your Twenties: Make No Big Mistakes – As we grow older we often look back and realize there were better opportunities for the money we made. Follow this simple advice to make sure there are no regrets from your twenties … or your thirties, for that matter.

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