Quick Money Tips: The Art of Minimalism

Is it time to clear some of the clutter?

Is it time to clear some of the clutter?

In today’s edition, we take a look at minimalism. There are plenty of extreme minimalists out there who live happy, full lives with very little stuff. Their idea is to not clutter life with things in order to appreciate what really matters.

The average American consumer can have a really hard time appreciating this idea. While most of us admit that we could not (or do not want to) live with less than 100 possessions, some extreme minimalists do. And they can teach all of us lessons that will help save money, lead a simpler life, and perhaps even be a little bit happier.

Best Quick Money Tips

Lessons in Simple Living from Extreme Minimalists – Tara at Wise Bread takes a look at extreme minimalism and modifies it for the average person. She offers reasonable challenges that can help anyone simplify and save more money.

Living in a Van Was the Best Financial Decision I Ever Made – This college graduate paid off his student loans and refused to go into debt for graduate school. He accomplished his goal with his own form of minimalist living. Everything he owned and needed was in a Ford Econoline van.

Why Your Teenager Should Have a Roth IRA – It seems it is never too early to begin retirement planning. Take a look at these compelling numbers that provide a great reason to talk to your working teenager about a Roth IRA.

Dollars and Cents: Can You Become a Part-Time Financial Planner? – There are lots of people out there who enjoy financial planning and may consider taking it on as a part-time gig. If it is something you have thought about, listen to this edition of Dollars and Cents with Jeff Rose to hear what he thinks about it.

How to Pay Down Debt While Saving for Retirement – Being stuck trying to decide between paying down debts or saving for retirement is a reality for many. Here is some good advice on how to strike a balance between the two and meet all your goals.

More Quick Money Tips

Budgeting for Home Expenses: Expect the Unexpected – Buying a home can be a great investment and involves a lot of financial planning. But don’t expect to stop planning when you sign those closing documents. Read this list of expenses that are sure to arise when you are a homeowner to make sure you are prepared.

The Anti 9-5 Approach to Building Wealth – This article maintains that there are 2 ways that are best for you to increase your wealth and retire by 40. Read to find out if this approach is for you and start making your plans.

How Much Does it Cost to be on Shark Tank? A LOT! – Have you seen the ABC television series Shark Tank? It has become very popular and may have you asking just how much it costs to be featured on the show. Money Mamba explains exactly how it all works.

Are You Ready to Cast a Wider Net? – Many people who have a nice home-based business may think setting up shop on the internet is a good idea. Consider all of the angles in this article before you commit to expanding.

Retire Well By Never Retiring At All: A Quick Guide – There is so much talk about retirement and the usual association with the idea is one of leisure. One prospect you may not have considered is actually not retiring. Read some steps to take to continue working and still enjoy it.

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