Prime Time Money: Big Burrito Roundup

Big Burrito

The weather was just about perfect here today so Mrs. PT and I headed to the park with a couple of burritos from Freebirds. I consider them the original BIG burrito restaurant since I had my first one back in 1997 with them. Since, I’ve also fallen in love with the burritos at Chipotle. But today we went old school.  What’s your favorite big burrito restaurant?

Photo: by Dan4th

Post Roundup

These are some of my favorite personal finance posts from the past week…

Being Frugal provides a tip for When Times are Tight: 168 Frugal Tips to Make Your Dollar Stretch.  This is a BIG burrito sized list of great money saving tips.  Check it out.

Gather Little by Little asks What do you think? Should you discuss finances with your children?.  I think I’ll be doing this a lot with my kids.  How about you?

Cash Money Life shares tips on how to do a phone interview.  I’ve done a few of these in the past and I know how nerve racking they can be.  Save this great resource for next time.

Antishay Ventenne provides some Awesome Frugal Tips and a Powerful Story.  Check out these frugal ideas.  And the story…I actually heard it live this week on Dave Ramsey.  Shanti has the mp3 for you to check out.

The Penny Saved talks about how Capital One 360 is perfect for hiding money (from yourself).  I agree.  Check out my $25 bonus page if you want to open an account.

Don’t Mess with Taxes tells us not to overlook these tax breaks.  I still haven’t completed my return.  These could come in handy.

Lastly, The Wisdom Journal presents a great list: 5 Reasons I Decided to Cut My Everyday Expenses.

This Week’s Blog Carnivals

I participated in these blog carnivals this week…

Carnival of Personal Finance #146 – Online Broker Tips Edition at Stock Trading To Go

Money Hacks Carnival #6 – Famous Hackers Edition at Bible Money Matters

Many great articles to read through.  Thanks to the hosts.

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  1. Hey thanks for the mention!
    Love Freebirds – I’ve been to the one in College Station a few times when I’ve visited one of our company stores there.

    I have two burrito restaurants here – Blue Coast Burrito and B.A. Burrito. I like Blue Coast better between the two, but I agree, Freebirds is #1!

    Thanks again,


  2. Thanks for the link!

  3. Hey thanks for the mention!

  4. Love the big burritos. Chipotle and Qdoba are both great, and there is another franchise called Moe’s which is similar and pretty good.

    When I lived in west TX there was this little family owned joint called Alfredo’s which was awesome! (and open at 2am!).

    Also in the San Antonio and Houston areas there is a chain called Taqueria Arandas which has outstanding Mexican food.

    Thanks for the mention. :)

  5. @Patrick – I think I’ve been to Moe’s in Atlanta before. I’ll have to try it again. I’ll have to look up this Alfredo’s next time I head west.