Personal Updates and the QuickHits

So I thought I’d take the opportunity during this quickhits post to update you on a few of my own recent personal finance experiences.

It’s Hard to Get Life Insurance

My “just get life insurance already” effort is still underway. A month or two ago I called Zander Insurance (Dave Ramsey’s ELP) and requested a quote on 30 year term life insurance. They showed me the best rate and sent me all the paperwork. I filled out an application and waited a few weeks for the required medical exam. I thought I was done. Apparently, due to the international travel related to my full-time job, I’m required to complete an extra form. So, that’s what I’m doing now. I should have life insurance by September at this rate.

I’m really surprised at how long this process has taken. Kind of morbid of me, but I can’t help but wonder how many people have died while applying for life insurance.

Researching College Savings 529 Plans

We’d like to start something up for our little one for college expenses. To be honest, I’ve been bogged down in the many choices and types of plans there are available. I don’t want to let that slow us down anymore though. I’ve got the program description for the Utah Education Savings Plan out and in front of me. In a few different places I’ve seen this plan recommended as one of the best 529 savings plans. It seems to have the lower costs and many investment options. I also don’t have state taxes to worry about since I’m here in Texas. We’re close to opening this account, setting up the automatic deposit and being done with it.

Quick Hits

Here’s a few blog posts I found especially interesting last week. Enjoy!

Tough Money Love celebrated his first full year of blogging by inviting others to share the Personal Finance Lesson Learned the Hard Way.

Frugal Dad shared a great story and video about people Living Off the Grid with Kids. A very interesting look at a very different lifestyle.

Bargaineering presents a nice read about Supermarket Psychology. Includes some good tips for shopping and 7 items to skip.

Amateur Asset Allocator shares his thoughts on why Your Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance isn’t Necessarily the Best Deal. I thought this was a timely read considering all the chatter that’s been going on around the proposed Govt sponsored plan.

Carnivals from Last Week

Thanks to all the hosts! Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Ugh, it really does take too long!

    We’ve just finished updating our policies. They’re 20-year ones, at least. What a pain in the butt!

    Let’s hope we all never need our families to cash in those policies, k?

  2. Agreed, Kacie.

  3. Not sure about your child’s age, but I honestly cannot recommend a 529. Oh, I know everyone says it’s a great deal, but we have had numerous problems, and truly wish it had never been suggested to us. I would tell anyone to set up their own savings plan (perhaps in a tax free bond fund) and then avoid the hassles later when you actually want to use the money.

  4. Annie, what are the problems you had?