PerkStreet Perks Roundup

PerkStreet Financial Cash Back Rewards

PerkStreet Financial Cash Back Rewards

Look what just came in the mail. $50 in cash back perks from PerkStreet Financial. I’ve earned over $80 in perks so far, and recently decided to cash out $50 worth using the Visa gift card option. If you’re not familiar with PerkStreet Financial’s Debit Card Rewards Checking Account, then I recommend you check out my review, and learn how you can start earning rewards for debit card spending. That means no credit cards and remembering to make payments. These rewards are earned on your regular spending. As high as 5% cash back in some categories.

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  1. Now that things are settling down after our move I might have to look into PerkStreet. Been hearing a lot about them lately!

    Thanks for mentioning my traditional IRA article.

  2. Thanks a lot for the link PT. Sounds like the PerkStreet cards are pretty good.


  3. Don’t have anything to add to the convo so I’ll just say, thanks for the link PT!

  4. Perkstreet cards used to be pretty good.  Now, they are just average with below average service and support.