Quick Money Tips: New Bank Fees to Watch Out For

New Bank Fees

New bank fees have you frustrated?

In today’s edition, we take a look at the banking industry.

Not bailouts. I’m talking about the fees that consumers are seeing more and more as they study their bank statements and ATM receipts.

Which fees are worth raising a ruckus over and which ones are here to stay? Well, read what the experts are saying below.

Best Quick Money Tips

You’ll Never Guess What Banks Have Started Charging for Now – It’s costing more than ever to be a bank customer, thanks to the creativity banks are showing when it comes to these new bank fees.

Quit Whining About Checking Account Fees and Worry About All These Others You’re Paying – Casey from GoBankingRates points out that checking account fees should be the least of your concern when compared to these three fees.

Private Label Banking: How So Many of Your Favorite Banks Are Actually All the Same Bank, The Bancorp Bank – File this under: Good information to be aware of.

Making Financial Independence a Part-Time Job – Want financial flexibility later, like maybe when you have kids? Work hard to achieve it now.

The Top 16 Careers for the Future – Considering a career change? Got a teenager about to head off to college? Just want to know what the best career choices are? There are some interesting ones on this list that you might not assume.

More Quick Money Tips

Is the YOLO (You Only Live Once) Mentality Dangerous for Your Finances? – All the cool kids are saying it: #YOLO. But if it’s your financial motto, does that pose a problem or give you freedom? The discussion in the comments of this post are interesting, too.

56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money – If frugality is your thing, this is a great list to consult when trying to come up with something to do that is free or cheap.

4 Things Identity Thieves Don’t Want You to Know – With identity theft a continuing problem, you can never be too careful. Have you considered these 4 tips?

How to Use Pinterest for Meal Planning in Minutes – Whoever does the cooking in your home might know about this already, but Pinterest can be quite helpful when it comes to planning meals (which leads to saving money on grocery bills).

Why 2.5 Billion Heartbeats Might Change the Way You Think About Money – Preet Banerjee’s TEDx talk is worth taking 15 minutes to watch it.

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