International Personal Finance Carnival #1

Welcome to the first edition of the International Personal Finance Carnival, featuring top contributions from around the world. This carnival will feature articles from bloggers who are included in the Personal Finance Bloggers Map.

The next edition of this carnival will be held at Living on a Budget in early April. Visit the International Personal Finance Carnival page at Blog Carnival to submit your posts for the next edition.

The Editor’s Top Picks

United Kingdom5 Tactics to Avoid Overspending When Traveling from Adam at Magical Penny, saying “Traveling overseas is an exciting experience and one which will furnish you with memories and stories for many years to come. However, to make sure those memories and experiences are positive ones, you need to be able to control your money and your spending while overseas, and it can be hard to stick to a budget and watch your spending when you are on holiday. Therefore, here are five tactics which can help you avoid overspending when you are traveling overseas, while still ensuring you have a great time.”

JapanRoth and U.S. Taxes While Working Abroad from Austin at Foreigners Finances, saying “A reader asks about investing in a Roth while working abroad. The topic then dives into how to avoid being taxed twice on income from abroad. A must-read for any American citizen working outside the country.”

United StatesDo I Have a Life Outside of Blogging? from J Money at Budgets Are $exy, saying “If there’s one thing I have never regretted in life it’s traveling!”

United KingdomCompanies paying dividends early to beat higher UK tax rates from The Investor at Monevator.

CanadaGas Money from Tom at Canadian Finance Blog, saying “Gas money. The inevitable question for carpools, shared rides, and mooching roommates. Will they be offended if you offer?”

United KingdomRussian Women and Their Money from Anastasia at Living on a Budget.

JapanWhat the Japanese Taught Me About Defeating Credit Card Debt from Mr Credit Card at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Others from the US and Canada

Beginner Investment Strategies from Patrick at Cash Money Life
Stock Market Basics for New Investors from Bob at Christian PF
How to Choose The Best Financial Advisor/Planner for You from Jeff at Good Financial Cents
What the Silicon Valley Startups in My Life Taught Me from SVB at The Digerati Life
What is the Marriage Penalty Tax? from jim at Bargaineering.
Cash4Gold or Cash4Suckers? from DR at Dough Roller
Dividend Achievers List – Part 1 (The Canadian List) from Frugal Trader at Million Dollar Journey

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the carnival. Hope you enjoy reading these great articles.

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  1. Thanks for including me in the carnival!

  2. Wow, first Carnival and I discover a new UK blog I didn’t know about. :) Thanks for including me in the picks.

    Are you concerned the International Carnival could become full of US bloggers? Not that I have a problem with US bloggers — some of my best blogging friends etc etc — but could that impact the USP?

    Just a thought, your show entirely. :)

  3. @Monevator – That was a concern. Each host will be instructed to keep the number of accepted submissions to 3-4 from each country. Also, the host will try and highlight blog posts that have a broad world view.

    I’m still working out the kinks, but it should be a very nice opportunity for international bloggers. I just need more of you guys to submit.

  4. Thanks for creating this carnival PT. I’m honoured to be the first Canadian editor’s pick!

  5. @Tom – Sure thing. Looking forward to you hosting in May.

  6. Thanks PT for featuring my blog here. I was browing the carnival site and thought the International carnival was a great idea, particuarly as PF blogosphere is very US-centric.
    The great thing about personal finance though is that for the most part the basic concepts are universal.

  7. Saweet! Glad I could represent the U.S. here 馃槈 I bet we see a whole bunch of new blogs from this, or at least those we didn’t realize were in other countries! Good lookin’ out…

  8. Thanks for hosting, buddy. Glad to make the short list. :)

  9. Thanks for the Editor’s Pick, PT!

    I’ve got the PF market cornered in Japan so I’m bookmarking this carnival for the near future.

    Austin @ Foreigner’s Finances

  10. Coming from Australia I love ++ this carnival!

    @Adam I agree – personal finance is universal!

  11. Thanks PT have a great weekend!