How to Book a Hotel for Less

I booked a couple of hotels over the last week or so, using a couple of different methods. Both yielded pretty good results. I’ll share them below as a suggestion for ways you might want to try to book your own hotel in the future.

My number one suggestion for finding the right hotel is to use I love this site. It’s filled with honest reviews from other travelers. The reviews help to rank the hotels. You can view this ranked list and make sure you’re staying at a nice place. It’s not about ranking the fancy hotels at the top either. It’s based on overall value. So a modest 3 star hotel could be at the top of the list.

For my first reservation, I used’s rate search. It searched the major online booking sites (,,, and a site new to me called had the best deal on the top ranked hotel where I was staying. They were running a special and gave me 25% off the room price, plus half off parking.

For my second reservation, I called up the hotel company directly. I asked for any current specials they had running. I was able to secure a last minute “72 hour special” for around 70% of the normal price.

My best tip for getting a nice hotel for less is to shop around using different methods: online direct, online travel site, phone direct, etc. And always ask if a better deal is available or if any discounts are up for grabs. Be prepared to pay up front for the better deals.

What are your tricks for booking a hotel for less?

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Last Edited: July 22, 2014 @ 12:29 am
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