Extend the Life of Your Razor Blades and Get Free Razor Samples

Make Your Razor Blades Last Longer

Those darn disposable razors cartridges.  So expensive and it seems they go bad so quick.  Reader J has a great tip frugal tip to help extend the life of our disposable razor cartridges:

“If you use a manual razor to shave in the morning (Gillette Fusion, in my case), dry the razor after use.  I didn’t want to suggest it until I tried it myself…but it works. After 6 months, I’ve only replaced the razor cartridge once. The trick is to rinse it well, and spend 20 seconds or so holding the towel firmly against the blades. This takes moisture away from the steel blades, and helps prevent rust, which is why razor blades go dull (mostly).

Maybe a truly minor thing, but as the cost of everything rises, it can’t hurt to tell others. Like I said, I’ve been testing this myself for the last 6 months, and I thought it best not to say anything until I had tried it.”

Thanks, J.  Great tip.  I dug up a chicagotribune.com article that agrees with you.  I’ll begin making a conscious effort to do this.

More Free and (Almost) Free Razors

In the past I’ve shared some Free Razor Sample Links.  Well, I searched the internet once again and here are the latest freebies (or almost free).  Remember to sign up using email addresses (if required) you don’t mind getting spammed.

Got any other frugal shaving tips?  Let me hear them in the comments below.

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Last Edited: November 15, 2010 @ 9:42 pm
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