Final Episode of Lost Explained

Well, the epic series Lost is finally over. I committed 5 hours of my life yesterday evening to watch all the lead-up commentary and the finale. It was satisfying to watch it all come to an end and to see my favorite characters say their goodbyes. My mind is still stirring about all that went down in the final show, and I’m experiencing all sorts of feelings about how it ended.

I admit I was a bit confused by the ending, but I did a bit of research this A.M., and this is the best lost explanation I’ve found. Basically, it says that the Island and the events there were all real. Only the season 6 flash sideways were some sort of purgatory. Once the characters became aware of their deaths, they were able to move on to the next plane, so to speak.

This theory resonates the clearest with my mind. Although, I admit I still have more questions. And I know I’ll be saying, “we have to go back” for a few days. I would highly recommend the series. Start from the beginning at watch all the episodes of Lost for free.

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  1. Ever watch Star Trek TNG? I felt like the last Lost season was a lot like the last episode of TNG where they had to get things right in both worlds.

  2. I wasn’t sure how to feel about the last episode, or the last couple of seasons. my wife and I both really enjoyed the first few seasons (which we watched on netflix streaming in 2-3 weekends), but then things started getting a little confusing and weird. After reading some of the commentary online about the ending, it does make sense, although I think i’m going to have a hard time explaining it to my wife.. haha..

    Now that Lost AND 24 are over – my 2 favorite shows – I’m not gonna know what to do with myself – until we have our baby next month that is. :)