Quick Money Tips: Ready for the End of the Year?

Is your financial house in order?

In today’s edition, we take a look at your money and the end of 2012.

Not the end of the world in 2012, but the end of another year and how you can take steps to make sure your finances are in order over the next few weeks.

Whether it’s getting ready for tax season, buying a new home, or the ramifications of the fiscal cliff, it’s always good to pause and review.

Best Quick Money Tips

Year-End Financial Tasks — This infographic from Liz Weston will help you to make sure you meet any looming financial deadlines you might have at the end of the year.

Fiscal Cliff Investments and Tax Planning — The Oblivious Investor answers readers’ questions about the looming Fiscal Cliff, as well as advising on a few end-of-the-year tax moves you might want to consider.

The Two Best Weeks to Make an Offer on a House –Hint: That window closes today. However, it also includes good advice for those who are closing on a house before the end of the year.

How to Actually Look Forward to Filing Your Taxes — Yes, you read that title correctly. Carrie offers some tips that could possibly help you to feel better about the upcoming tax season.

Should You Buy an Annuity-What Age Makes Sense? — This post from Jeff Rose gives a primer on annuities and also discusses whether or not they’re a good investment idea for people who are younger, say in their 20s and 30s.

More Quick Money Tips

Savings Bonds No Longer an Easy Gift — Did you know you couldn’t buy savings bonds at the bank anymore? Now the only way to purchase them is online, and while buying things online is usually simple, in this case it isn’t.

Cutting Investment Losses and Lovie Smith — What does the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears have to do with your investment portfolio?

The Human Cost of Cheap Clothing — An interesting NY Times debate that features 8 different people from various sides discussing where the responsibility lies in improving worker safety overseas.

Marriott Finally Reveals the Secrets to Hotel Room Prices — Can you haggle at the front desk for a better hotel room price? As well as other questions you might’ve wondered.

One in Three U.S. Consumers Would Consider a WalMart Mortgage — Would you get a home loan from WalMart if it were available to you? What about PayPal? This study reveals much about consumers sentiments toward banks.

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  1. TahnyaKristina says:

    I love the New Year becuase it’s a new beginning for everything. This January will bring a new job for me and a new book, my first book will be released soon.  I am definitely looking forward to 2013. Bring it on!