The DeBeers Settlement Checks Have Arrived! Plus, a List of Other Available Settlements

diamond settlement check

My DeBeers diamond settlement check arrived!

Here’s proof that it actually pays to read PT Money.

Back in January 2008 I posted about a class action lawsuit filed against diamond company De Beers. It seems they were fixing prices on diamond jewelry.

At the time I was excited to learn that if I participated that I might be getting back as much at 40% of my retail purchase price of the engagement ring I’d purchased to marry Mrs. PT. Bring on the cash!

DeBeers Settlement Checks Have Arrived!

Turns out they did settle and a fat check for $121 just arrived in the mail. I’m rollin’ in the dough, baby!

Alright, so the check wasn’t equal to the estimate, which was over $1,000. But I’m certainly glad to have it and quickly deposited the settlement money into my savings account. Maybe I’ll use it to buy Mrs. PT some more jewelry for her birthday. (Fool me once…)

Someone on the Consumerist shared that they got back almost $800 from the settlement. That would be a pretty sweet surprise.

What about you? Did you participate in the diamond settlement? I’d love to hear how much you got back.

Maybe you didn’t participate in this settlement, but have received a settlement for something else. What did you receive? What did you do with the money?

How to Find Available Settlements to Participate In

This check got me thinking about more ways to make some extra money from settlements. It turns out that companies get sued quite often and there’s a website dedicated to helping you, the U.S. consumer, participate in these settlements.

Class Action Rebates Site Website

The site is They say it’s too hard for consumers to find out about relevant class actions suits and to know what to do.

“We want to fix this problem by addressing these issues of awareness, complexity, and lack of interactivity. is a platform for consumers to access all open class action rebates. At a glance consumers can see a list of open class action rebates, what the settlement provides, filing requirements, how long it takes to file, and a link to the claim form.”

I found the site easy to navigate and was surprised at the number of class action suits to apply for, many without evidence of purchase.

Can you make some cash from a settlement. Maybe. This isn’t going to result in huge, routine checks in the mail, but it could provide a little cash for a little time invested each month.

Okay, I’m off to try my hand at some other settlements. Let’s hope it doesn’t take five years for the next check to arrive.

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  1. $121 is awesome! I will have to look into this website.

  2. Wow over $100 is awesome.  Most of the letters I get are for $20 or $30.  But hey that is $20 or $30 more than I had prior.

  3. FrugalFather says:

    Awesome!  I found four settlements on that site that I can get.

  4. I wasn’t eligible because my wife’s diamond didn’t come from DeBeers, which is strange.  Nice to have a little extra cash coming in!

  5. Don’t ever buy a diamond. All the prices are fixed and you are just giving money to the Oppenheimer family.  When I get married I will not have my husband waste money on a diamond , either he can give me a fake diamond or a semi-precious stone. This has been know about for years and years. This article in The Atlantic breaks it down. If DeBeers didn’t control the diamond mines, the average diamond would be worth 1-2 CENTS . Diamonds aren’t rare as carbon is very common on earth.