Credit Sesame Launches New App for Android

Credit Sesame, a company that I use at least a few times each month to check my credit score, has just launched an app for all Android users.

The mobile app is a replica of the previous released iPhone app so even though there’s nothing new, I thought it prudent to bring to your attention as mobile is a space that continues to grow rapidly.

Credit Sesame Android App Features

The credit score provided by Credit Sesame comes from Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. I actually combine Credit Sesame with Credit Karma (who offers a free credit score from TransUnion) to provide a broader range of my credit profile. Unfortunately for Android users, Credit Sesame is the only company that has stepped to the plate to provide mobile app for users so if you’re away from home and need to check your credit score on an Android device, Credit Sesame is the way to go.

Some of the features included with this mobile app are:

  • The ability to check your complete financial snapshot (view monthly payments, credit profile, score, home value etc.)
  • Trend graphs of your credit score in different areas for up to six months
  • Automatic updates of your credit score and profile as Experian reports them

Just as owning a Credit Sesame account is free, so to is the Android app. A tool like this would be recommended for anyone who is considering a new line of credit and would benefit greatly from improving their credit score.

Drawing from personal experience, I can tell you that a few points can mean tens of thousands of dollars when applying for a mortgage so make sure to follow your credit score as closely as possible.

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