Carnival of Money Stories: Christmas Stories Edition

Welcome to the 85th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories! This is a round-up of quality personal finance articles from around the blog-o-sphere from the past few weeks. Each article should be some type of personal money story or experience.

My Favorite Christmas Stories

It being Christmas this weekend, I thought it was fitting I share a couple of Christmas stories. The first is a story that connected with me as a kid every year during the holidays. It’s the story from one of my favorite holiday movies: A Christmas Story. Nowadays, this film is on 24 hours a day throughout the holidays. You can’t miss it. It’s about Ralphie Parker, a kid from Indiana, who only wants one thing for Christmas, “an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.”

In his quest to get his rifle, Ralphie has to overcome various obstacles: dealing with his younger brother, avoiding the bullies down the street, pleasing his teacher, getting his tongue stuck to the flag pole at school, going catatonic in front of the mall Santa, cursing in front of his dad and having his mouth washed out with soap, and convincing his mom that he won’t shoot his eye out. It’s hilarious, very quotable, and I can’t tell you how much I loved this movie as a kid, and still do.

The other story is what I consider the real story of Christmas: the birth of Jesus. I write articles for this blog because I believe that with enough financial education and action, you can have confidence in your financial future. There are no guarantees. But if you work hard and smart toward your financial goals, you’ll see some progress. This progress will eventually lead you to security, independence, and financial freedom.

These are all things I value and want for both you and me. But I also believe that I can’t take any of these things with me when I die. That’s where the real Christmas story comes in for me. If you are curious about the story of the birth of Jesus, and want to know how I get confidence in my future after the savings accounts have faded away, I encourage you to check out the book of Matthew, verses 1:18 to 2:12 from the Bible. To go along with that, someone recently created the story of Jesus’ birth using today’s social media tools (see video below). Besides being born, Jesus also did and said some pretty cool things. I’d encourage you to look into those as well this Christmas season.

Other Christmas Stories I Like

My Favorite Stories From the Carnival

The Dough Roller presents The Great Debate: Fake Christmas Tree vs. Real Christmas Tree saying: “A must know comparison on whether your not you should buy a real or fake Christmas tree this year.”

Money Thinking presents Don’t Overspend This Christmas saying: “I grew up in a home where generosity was a huge thing. It wasn’t odd to see hundreds of dollars worth of presents under the tree. But with this generosity came a lot of arguments; my stepdad would just roll his eyes at my mom, or my mom would argue with my disabled grandma. ‘You’ve spent too much!’ They would max out credit…”

Jeff Rose presents How Much Are Premiums on Term Life Insurance If You Use Tobacco? saying: “I always assumed that life insurance for tobacco users was more expensive than those that don’t use it, but I never realized how much more.”

The Digerati Life presents Building A Better Blog & Bootstrapping An Online Business saying: “I offer a checkpoint on where I am with my online business and talk about both some good and bad things to watch out for as an Internet entrepreneur.”

Stories About Business

Intelligent Speculator presents The best investment of my life saying: “My top investment ever and what can be learned from it.”

The Penny Hoarder presents I Get Paid to Buy Beer.

Free From Broke presents Companies That “Get” Customer Service.

Career Stories

Personal Dividends – Money+Lifestyle presents I’m the Primary Breadwinner, Not a Sugar Mamma.

Barb Friedberg presents Consider this Money Making Idea for Extra Cash saying: “One woman’s quest to increase her income and how it pans out! AND more money making ideas!”

Stories About Debt and Credit

Wealth Pilgrim presents Marriage and Credit ? How To Protect Yourself When Your Spouse Has Bad Credit saying: “I recently received an E-mail from a loyal Pilgrim asking about how marriage would impact her credit score. Seems she has a high credit score but her fiance doesn’t. She wondered if marrying this gentleman would hurt her credit score.”

Soldier of Finance presents Don’t Let the Blue Falcon Get You Down saying: “Are you surrounded by Blue Falcons that can ruin your financial well being? If so, it’s time to cut ties.”

Other Stories

Bucksome Boomer presents Time to Make FSA Elections saying: “A look at my experience with FSAs this year compared to last and planning for 2011.”

Green Panda Treehouse presents Tips to Becoming Financially Healthy saying: “A look at how you can become financially healthy in the upcoming new year.”

My Wealth Builder presents Be a Good Example saying: “Since becoming a parent, I’ve learned that my actions have much more effect than my words.”

Personal Finance By The Book presents Financial And Life Lessons From 40 Years of Marriage saying: “Our kids commemorated our 40th Wedding Anniversary with poignant readings – which also had financial applications.”

Musings of an Abstract Aucklander presents Money Lessons Learned From My Friends.

The Financial Blogger presents My Encounter With The Man Who Broke The Box saying: “My story of how I learned to think outside the box with a certain encounter.”

Investing Stories

Sustainable Personal Finance presents Giving to Charity – Sustainability for the Soul saying: “Community investment via charitable donations is good for your karma, really helps those in need, and can give you a ROI yield over over 30%.”

Stories About Shopping

Live Real, Now presents Shaving for Real saying: “Shaving can be expensive, but cutting this cost can be as simple as reliving tradition.”

Squirrelers presents Squirreling Gone Wild #19: Well Played, Mr. Waiter saying: “Story about how an enterprising waiter secured a big tip from a couple that went out for dinner.”

MoneyNing presents What Do You Splurge On? Where Do You Save? saying: “Time to confess! What do you spend your money on and where do you save?”

Money Obedience presents Save money in your family budget for your summer vacation now saying: “We save money for vacations and gifts all year long. We use our savings when we buy gifts or go on vacation.”

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