Quick Money Tips: Christmas Spending Strategies

Christmas Spending StrategiesIn today’s edition, we take a deep breath and look at Christmas spending. If you don’t make a spending plan, then it’s almost certain that you’ll overspend during the holiday season. These posts we’ve found will help you consider strategic areas that could make or break your budget.

Mid-range costs such as extended warranties on tech items and tipping service personnel can add up over time, but simple things such as your energy level and the section of the store you check out in could have an impact on your wallet as well.

Best Quick Money Tips

One-Day Christmas Shopping Plan — Okay, so maybe you can’t get every ounce of your shopping done in one day. This post still offers some creative strategies to consider that will save you time, energy, and money as you check the gifts off your list.

In-Store Warranties vs. Alternatives — Decisions, decisions. Buying anything technological this Christmas? Check out this post to consider if you need to purchase an extended warranty.  You might recognize the name of one of the “experts,” too.

3 Tips for Better Holiday Tipping — Pet providers, hair stylists, the postman, the yard guy, the trash guy, your kids’ teachers–the list goes on and on for all of the people you’re supposed to tip during the holiday season. However, in lean financial times, those tips are among the first areas of the budget to be cut and the last areas in the budget to be put back in.

What My Mother Taught Me About Money — With family budgets being primarily handled by women, it’s no wonder that many of our lessons about money come from our mothers. Yours truly and a few other bloggers share what we’ve learned from them.

Be Bad for the Economy — Money Master Mom says, “I only spend money on things that make me happy, things that provide my family with real value.”

More Quick Money Tips

New 2013 Investment Tax: What It Means for You — My Dollar Plan breaks down the Investment Tax as well as other new taxes from Obamacare.

Financial Literacy 101: Where to Begin — So you’re an investing novice? This post includes 5 books to help you get started on the path to sound investing.

Statements Every Employer Wants to Hear — Jason at One Money Design adds his thoughts to Forbes’ list of 5 things you could say that are music to your employer’s ears. Can you say, “I am easy to correct and instruct.”?

10 Frugal Tips You Haven’t Already Heard — There are some great ideas on this list. I especially like #1: Put something back every time you shop. Just one thing that you don’t need each time you go to checkout could really add up.

The 15 Best Housing Markets for the Next Five Years — It’s always interesting to see which housing markets are on the rise or rebounding, but some of the cities on this list might surprise you.

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  1. Veronica @ Pelican on Money says:

    My Christmas spending plan consists of buying everyone important to me a set of chocolates :) Pretty much any gift anyone gets from me is edible. What better way to make someone happy then send them something sweet, salty or just plain TASTY!

  2. MoneyCrashers says:

    @LisaTweetsa I will, thanks.