Quick Money Tips: Cheap Entertainment Ideas

Cheap Entertainment Ideas

Welcome to PT Money’s Quick Money Tips, a roundup of the latest and greatest money tips from around Internet. In today’s edition, we focus on keeping entertainment as cheap as possible, whether it’s cable television, music, or summer vacation.

Best Quick Money Tips

Cutting the Cord on Cable TV’s Pricey Monthly Bill — If you’re not a die-hard television viewer, or even if you are, then this post offers some great ideas for cutting cable expenses.

Five Places You Can Listen to Music for Free — I’ll make it 6 places by adding Grooveshark to the list. It is similar to Spotify, but it doesn’t have the mobile options.

10 Tricks for Saving on Summer Airfare — This article includes some really helpful tips for booking summer travel, including what days to buy and travel as well as international gateway cities that will help you reduce the cost of your airfare.

What Minimum Wage Buys, Then and Now — (Mainly) just the facts about what a federally mandated wage could get you over the last seven decades across three common expenses: gas, a movie ticket, and rent.

Tips to Pick a 529 Plan for Your Child’s College Savings — Thinking about future college expenses for your child? Give them a little boost (if you can) with a 529 College Savings Plan.

More Quick Money Tips

Should You Combine Finances After Marriage? — Whether you’re married or engaged, this post explores both sides of the argument about combining finances and offers helpful advice on how to talk to your spouse about the issue.

To Make Money Honestly Is the Highest of Virtues — Kevin from Thousandaire writes, “Throughout most of college, I had this crazy idea that it was morally right to work for others (teaching or hiring others) but morally wrong to work for myself (make as much money as possible).”

The Super Duper Simple Book on Money — I only recently became aware of Alan Akina, but he’s got a great resource on his hands here. You have 3 days left to download this excellent, easy-to-read, ebook for free.

How to Do a Wallet Audit — Donna unfortunately experienced a mugging last Fall and shares her account along with some tips for knowing what’s in your wallet in case it’s ever lost or stolen.

My New Hustle: Blog Consulting — J. Money just started a blog consulting business. Learn why he’s doing it and what all it entails. Lesson to be learned: everyone is an expert at something and that time is worth money.

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