December 2011 Personal Net Worth

Each month I review our personal net worth statement. This isn’t a perfect balance sheet, but I think it provides some solid info for you to gauge how we’re doing from month to month, or year to year. Net worth is down slightly from the previous month. But a lot more went on in cash […]

November 2011 Personal Net Worth

Alright you net worth update junkies. Here it is. Time for another look behind the scenes at our finances. Before we dig in, let me say that these last 5 months of updates has been great. The updates are spawning conversations with several readers and also helping Mrs. PT and I to zero-in on some […]

October 2011 Personal Net Worth

The big thing you’ll notice about this month’s net worth update is the increase across the board across all equity (stocks) related accounts. Net worth can rise and fall pretty quickly if you’ve got a significant portion of your financial portfolio in stocks like me. I’m young, I don’t mind it. The previous three months […]

September 2011 Personal Net Worth

I’m a bit late in reviewing this past month’s net worth changes. We were actually out of town for a week and I just couldn’t find time to stop down for the review. Regardless, here are the numbers for September. As you can see, the stock market fluctuations continue to pummel our numbers. But there […]

August 2011 Personal Net Worth

Another month has come and gone. Now it’s time to review the personal net worth to see how my finances are progressing. As you’ll see, the markets had another negative effect on my numbers. But my cash accounts saw some improvement mainly due to business income being strong over the late Spring and Summer months. […]

July 2011 Personal Net Worth

Time for a net worth update. This is the second month I’m doing this so we’ll get to see a few changes, and that’s what it’s all about: tracking your movement over time. Well, the financial markets played heavy on our bottom line in July. All retirement investing accounts were down, and even a big […]

June 2011 Personal Net Worth

Below is the latest snap shot of our personal net worth. I share these numbers so that you will encourage me and keep me accountable. Also, I share so that you can see how the information on this blog ties into my actual strategies for building wealth (aka security and freedom). This personal net worth […]

How to Figure Out Your Net Worth

This isn’t going to be an existential analysis of how much a person’s life is worth. Instead, let’s take a look at how you can figure out what your net worth is. It’s good to know your net worth because it might be taken into consideration when you apply for a loan for a large […]

How to Track Your Net Worth and Set a Goal

Track Your Net Worth and Set a Goal Simply put, your personal net worth is equal to your assets (stuff you have) minus your liabilities (debts). For instance, your assets might be cash in checking and savings, investments, real estate, and cars. Your debts might be your mortgage, credit card balances, and student loans. All […]