The Mythical Benefits of Buying a Home and the Case for Renting

Mythical Dragon

This is an article by Sam Lustgarten, a doctoral student a midwestern university. The real estate market is changing. After years of record-low rates for mortgages, the interest market is beginning to heat up. Homebuyers are suddenly second-guessing their decision to buy. NPR recently reported that many prospective buyers were quoted “3.5 percent” only weeks […]

Why Window Shopping Will Actually Make You Happier

Porsche 911

Ever since I was about 14 years old, I have lusted over the early 1970s-era Porsche 911 RS. My ideal dream car has not changed in twenty years, and to this day, I can still see myself speeding around curvy mountain roads in my Superman blue 911 with a tan leather interior. If you do […]

Road Trip Car Rental: Is it Better to Rent a Car or Drive Your Own?

Should you rent a car for your next vacation?

My friend David asked me about his recent car rental experience and whether I thought it helped him save money on his cross-country trip vs using his own ride. Here are his comments: “I actually did rent a vehicle. Whether my reasons for renting from Hertz vs. driving my own vehicle were economically substantiated or […]