Carnival of Money Stories: May Two-Four Edition

canadian-flagWelcome to this 2nd edition of the newly re-established Carnival of Money Stories. And Happy Victoria Day! I’m not Canadian, but I love Canada. So far I’ve visited Vancouver and Calgary and loved both trips. Today just happens to be Victoria Day, also called May Two-Four. Can you guess the double meaning of that nickname? Today, Canadians celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday and the end of their long winter season.

I’ve got some good stories from my trips to Canada that I’ll save for another time, eh. Instead why don’t you spend some time checking out the huge list of money stories below. Thanks to everyone for participating and for linking back to the carnival.

PT’s Picks

Madison presents An Auction Experience to Remember posted at My Dollar Plan.

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Be a Stay at Home Mom or Working Mom? posted at Cash Money Life.


Celes presents Passion Paycheck posted at EmbraceLiving.Net.

Penelope Pince presents Business Decision: Turning Away a Customer posted at Pecuniarities.


Chris McClelland presents 10 Reasons Your Bank Never Wanted You to Read This posted at Lucrative Investing.

Mr Credit Card presents Auto Loan After Bankruptcy – One Reader’s Success Story posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

Dave Ozment presents Bad Money Decisions posted at Do You Dave Ramsey?.


glblguy presents What should I do with my house? posted at Gather Little by Little.


Dividend Tree presents Shake the Dirt off and Take a Step-Up posted at Dividend Tree.

Net Worth

KeithMcC presents Never Move for Money! posted at {be} Wealthy / [get] Happy.


BeThisWay presents Frugal Lemon Leads to Frugal Lemonade posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

That One Caveman presents Don’t Fall For the Convention Center “Liquidation Sale” Scam posted at One Caveman’s Financial Journey.

Money Beagle presents How We’re Trying To Support The Local Economy | Money Beagle posted at Money Beagle.

FMF presents Do You Respond to Solicitations? posted at Free Money Finance.

Adam presents Our Cell Phone Company Is Scamming Us posted at Your Money Relationship.

More Stories

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Have A Mind For Business? Entrepeneurs Think Differently! posted at The Digerati Life

The Happy Rock presents Saving Money with Old School Technology – Answering Machines posted at The Happy Rock.

Lazy Man presents » Save Money on Cell Phones posted at Lazy Man and Money.

Peter presents Hard Times Make Us Stronger: The Story Of The Butterfly posted at Bible Money Matters.

J. Money presents Credit Card Roulette – To Play or Not to Play? posted at Budgets are Sexy..

Mr. ToughMoneyLove presents Whittling Away at the Expense Ledger posted at Tough Money Love.

My Journey presents Barter System is Alive and Well! posted at My Journey to Millions.

AG presents Haggling Works: Try It, Save Money posted at Let’s Be Curious.

KCLau presents The Most Common Habit of Rich People posted at KCLau’s Money Tips.

Shadox presents Car Trouble, Still Worth it posted at Money and Such.

Even More

Jeff Rose presents Identity Theft – Capital One saved Me! posted at Consumer Boomer.

DR presents Lies, Damn Lies, and Personal Finance posted at The Dough Roller.

MB presents TradeKing Brokerage Review posted at Money Blue Book Blog.

jim presents What Is A Good Credit Score? posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

nickel presents Investing With Lending Club: Low vs. High Risk Loans posted at

Ryan Suenaga presents What’s in My Portfolio: Toyota posted at Uncommon Cents.

Donald presents How to Make More Money posted at Life Optimizer.

Dan presents New Discover Current Card – Like Spying on Your Kids? posted at Everyday Finance.

Darwin presents Advanta Freezes Credit Cards – High Yield Notes in Jeopardy? posted at Darwin’s Finance.

FIRE Finance presents Top 7 Energy Saving Tips for this Summer! posted at FIRE Finance.

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