10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Money

10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your MoneyThere are plenty of iPhone and iTouch applications (apps) that will help you manage your finances. Today I’ve put together a list of 10 that are Free and practical for occasional use. Now if only I could find a way to get the iPhone for free.

Compare and Convert – This looks like a pretty handy app for the grocery store. It helps you make purchase decisions about different bulk purchases. For instance, a 2 liter of sodas vs. a six pack of sodas. Which is the better deal?

by Red 5 Development


Balance – This app acts like an electronic version of your check register. If you’re opposed to using one of the “all-in-one-place” style money apps like the one from Quicken, and/or, all you have is one checking account to track, then this may be the app for you. Get rid of that check register and start using Balance. It auto-calculates the remaining balance for you.

by Connor Wakamo


Free Shipping Coupons – This app will let you browse all the free shipping deals available at over 1500 stores. Once you find the free shipping deal you want you just make your purchase online using your iPhone or iTouch.

by FreeShipping.org


Wesabe – Track all your money accounts in one spot. Similar to Quicken, Mint, and Rudder, this app lets you see all of your bank accounts and credit card balances in one spot. Also has a “nearby merchants” feature.

by Wesabe


Rudder - Use Rudder to track all your accounts, creditors, and other bills all in one spot. Know exactly “what’s left” in your accounts. This looks to be similar to Quicken, Mint, and Wesabe.

by Rudder


Quicken Online – Similar to Mint, Wesabe, and Rudder, you can use the Quicken Online app to sync up with your current Quicken Online account and track your accounts. See all your accounts in one spot. Also includes an ATM finder.

by Quicken Online


Mint – Similar to Wesabe, Quicken Online, and Rudder, this app will help you see all your accounts in one spot. Includes multiple budgeting and threshold reminder features.

by Mint


Amortize – Quick and easy to use amortization schedule. This app will show you the loan payment you will make on any lending decisions you are considering. All you’ll need is the principle, interest rate, and years of the loan. Great for house or car hunting. Will show you the monthly payment or the full amortization schedule so you can see how much interest you’ll be paying throughout the loan.

by Interlook Corp


Lockbox – Allows you to store passwords, IDs, account numbers, etc right on your iPhone or iTouch and encrypts the information so others can’t access it. With as many online account IDs we have these days, this seems like a nice way to keep all your information safe, and in one spot.

by GEE! Technologies


CBS Money Watch – Personal finance videos and more from a quality source.

by CBS and BNET


Pay Off Debt ($2.99) – Ironically, the free section didn’t have a debt reduction app, so I had to bring this one to the list. This app lets you see your debt snowball in action. Visualize how much you have left to pay off your debts. This app was created by the personal finance blogger from BluntMoney.com. I have a few promo codes to get this app for free. Comment below if you’d like a promo code.


So what do you think? Did I leave any off? Feel free to leave your favorite money-related iPhone/iTouch app in the comments below.

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  1. Chris Murphy says:

    Hi there, love your blog!

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  2. The free shipping app is an awesome find. Definitely interested in the promo code for pay off debt.

  3. Thanks, Chris and tim. Just sent you guys the promo codes. Unfortunately, that’s all that I have at this time. Let us know how the app works for ya, Chris and tim.

  4. These are great apps, thanks. I made an iphone application for anyone that like to shop online with their phone. Its call Save Me and lists sales and coupons. Could be useful for your readers.

  5. I am waiting for Mint to come out with a better version of their iPhone app. It’d be cool if I could tweet updates of my net worth or edit transaction categories on it. Great list though!

  6. TStrump says:

    Can’t wait to get my iPhone, although I have to admit, iF*rt might be the first application I buy. :)

  7. OK Blackberry need to get on it. Still waiting

  8. I really want the functionality of LandWare’s Pocket Quicken – one-touch sync with the desktop version of quicken. To encourage LandWare to develop PQ for the iPhone I started a petition at:
    Please sign the petition! Thank you.

  9. I want the pay off debt app. free

  10. Thanks for doing my homework for me. Now for the prom code. Thanks

  11. I am using Quickbooks at home but would like an checkbook register for my iphone. Is there an app that would allow me to transfer transactions from my iphone to my home PC?

  12. iredsnow jailbreak says:

    tracking my money accounts in Wesabe is so easy i really appreciate and love this app